Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Food VS. Humid

Flashback to 3 weeks ago.

Friends, I didn't do well at all. It was sooooo Hot & Humid. All I did .. Me was camping most of the time, I didn't eat much even prawns !  I lose weight super fast. from 8.2 to 7.4 kg. ( 18 pound to 16.3 pound ). Mom & Dad started to worry because I didn't do poop for 3 days !

And on top of that, I did have watering eye so me did end up at the VET. We was heading home with an eye-drop & dried cat-nip leaves.

The Thai doctor offered mom the feliway to ease my stress but mom asked for cat-nip instead. And I was so lucky, my human uncle visited me with all these yummy snacks !

My eye got back to normal in a week  & Me get appetite back as well !

PS : I put da weight back on 7.5 kg. ( 16.5 pound ) with NO DIET !  It's PAWSOME !

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