Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Woofie Again !!!

As you know, Now I have a Bootiful Spring !

And most of the time.. 
I am very happy, do napping in my backyard
Smelling the Fresh air, Fresh grasses...and many fresh..fresh :)

And then... my daddy has the visitor. He comes to do daddy car.

But what I didn't expected while I'm doing nap in da garden, I was grabbed by my dad.
And he throw me back in da house & lock in !

I couldn't believe it !

It's a glorious sunny day ! ... It's Spring !!!.... and I'm inside da house !!!

Just because, My daddy's visitor who comes with this guy !

A Doggie ! AGAIN !!!

Everyone thinks I should stay inside.

Me in da house seeing...
Daddy gets in and then get out ( to get something for the human visitor )
And every time. He goes out , He makes sure I'm safe by shut the back door.

In the glorious Sunny day.... and ME, In da house ??? 
Daddy get in.... Daddy get out
Daddy get in.... Daddy get out
Daddy get in.... Daddy get out


Yep ! No one expected. I shoot myself outside and confront woofie !
And I barking " MOOF " ( My style ...tee..heh )

Everyone is freaking out what Me a Cat can do including da dog :)
Daddy try to grab me to be safe from the dog but me quickly jump up to the garage roof.

Well, Me a cat, can spend my glorious day on da roof too, not just under the bush in da garden.

Now everyone happy and I hope you all have a happy day too.


Puddy Cat


After the visitor finished his work and left. My mom is not happy about it.
because he leaved the a razor blade on the garage floor.

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