Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kitty Menu

Friends, Thanks so much for your purrs. Finally I'm back to 100% myself.

It means...

Me is Back ! ... and Nothing can kill my appetite !"

Me is so ready to design my menu ! 

To design the kitty menu is a very hard job !

To do this , A kitty have to make sure the human achieved cat communication in advanced level 
Plus having a special bond with you.

Once me know what I want, I will drop myself on exactly location like this...

" Mom, Dried food please ! "

" You already eat your dinner, Puddy " Mom lies says

" Mom, All my friends purrs for me to eat. I can't disappoint them ! Feed me please !!! " Puddy boy urges to his mission.

" Sorry, Puddy you are on diet ! " Mom said without humeownity

" Mom, you can't do this to me... you will ruin my foodflow and reduce my productivity ( poop ) "

" Sorry, Puddy "  Mom smiles

" Mom, YOU FAIL  ! " Me meow out loud ... me can't believe I have to train her all over Again !

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