Sunday, August 3, 2014

Apple, Me, Bed

On this weekend, my mom found a fabulous idea from pinterest.

Upcycled Computer Cat Bed !

Mom got this old mac for a long long time since she first came to Australia.
.. and now it's going to be MINE :)

Daddy help mom took da inner gutz out.
But the bottom of the monitor is pretty spiky and I'm not really a Yogi Kitty

So mom have to make some cushion to protect my fat fab body.
And it should give me warm & comfy because it's winter here and it's freezing !

Mom made da bed from her old jacket which she couldn't fit anymore.

It's going to be long time for mom.
While mom is making da bed , I just get myself ready for it 

And Voila ! 

... my new bed is done 

To finish this project... All I have to do is...

Get in & Enjoy da bed

Happy Weekend Everyone

PS : On the left arm of da bed. If you have a closer look, it made from my daddy's old sock ( inhale & passed out .. MOL )


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