Sunday, July 20, 2014

Da Sleepy Head !

On weekend, my mom is unbelievable pawson !

I did wake her up 3 times for my breakfast......3 TIMES !!!
I put my furry belly on top of her face... I bath her hair....I meow out loud...I ..blar..blar..blar

and right now, I lie on top of her head, and she still not get up !!!
I'm sooo sick & tiiiiired !

Some says " If you can't beat them join them ! "

Probably , it's s good idea
' kay...bye...LOVE YOU !



Puddy Boy woke me up 3 times like he said, but every time I got up,
put food to his bowl then I went back to sleep.
But his requirement is MORE than anyone could imagine...

He doesn't want just breakfast, He need company as well
My husband is not his interested ( Morning person )
Only his mother could serve him :)

My Darling Puddy... LOVE YOU !

" Mommy, Where is the good old days ? "

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