Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You are not gonna believe this !


You are not gonna believe this !

After My Home Alone Episode, It was following with...

One Week Days Locked In because Our weather hit over 41c. ( 105.8 f ) - 44 c. ( 111.2 f)

And then...

Here I am....At the VET CLINIC for Annual Health Check.

Yes, I gain weight. Mom spoiled me rotten by hidden my extra food in the cabinet like a crazy old woman who hide her bottles behind the magic door. And now we got caught because I'm over weight. And from now on... Mom has to be serious with me  if she doesn't want me end up with diabetic.

My VET is Not Romantic at all ; )
But she is a good VET. She gave me a measure cup
and make sure my mom will feed me in the right amount.

6 kg. That's my perfect weight.
And friends, My annual is Done !
I'm good, I'm heathy : )

PS : Actual time : 18/1/2014

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