Friday, July 9, 2010

Up there

She saw something on the roof

The handsome cat on the roof but after he saw me, he start to run away.

She followed him till the end of the back fence. She waited for a while, he was not come back.

She decided to come back to the pergola to follow his path

and now, she starts

she did careful to walk

now she got into the spot where he was. She looked around what he has seen up there. She saw nothing. Now she don't know how to get down.

" Meaw !! " She asked me for help but I couldn't help her

She decided to help herself, she went back to another end of pergola.

She can't find the way. It's too high to jump down.

May be just across to another end of pergola

Oh !...still too high to jump

Sloped down to the screen but she stuck underneath the grape vine branch.

completely stuck ! ....Meow !!!! help me.

1 comment:

The Chair Speaks said...

Love the look on her face between the wooden beams meowing to you for help. So cute!

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