Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Cat food for her

Most of the time, I always feed her with can food. Meat or Fish. But a couple day ago. I feed her with this minced beef but she didn't touch it, she just smelled and walked away from food but toward me. She " Mieaw ! " like normal when she need food. But I just don't understand why she doesn't eat that mince beef if she is hungry.

First, I though she might be fuzzy or get bored with the food or lost her appetite. But I got no choice. That was a last can in my house.

After dinner, she sat on my lap as usual, and I just heard her funny breathe. It sound like she has a running nose. I guess she has a cold. So I look up in internet to find out what I can do for her. 

" Cat will not eat if it can't smell it's food and, of course, a blocked nose will prevent it from being able to smell. "

" Some owners suggesting warming your cat's food slightly to increase its fragrance. Another tactic is to give your pet strong-smelling foods like sardines. "

Read more click this link : CAT COLDS

Next day, I bought her a sardines in the can and snack with fishy smell. She ate it : ) . I feed her like that till she get to normal.

I talk a lots about her with my friend ( he is my good friend, my workmate and my neighbour ) he got 3 dogs and 1 cat. He told me I should buy her a fresh meat for the cat in our local supermarket.

I went there, found this pet mince but I am not sure it is the same one as he told me. But I buy it anyway.

I got home, she was on top of my husband's shoulder in the kitchen. She say " mieaw " but she still enjoy to stay on his shoulder. I open the bag and smell it. It's stink ! I told my husband I am not sure she is going to like it. But I let her smell.

OOO...after that she quickly get down from my husband's shoulder , I know straight away she love this ! ...I quickly put some in her bowl. And she jump up and down like a kangaroo to her bowl and eat it. ( look totally funny but I didn't take a shot )


The Chair Speaks said...

It's nice to have a neighbour who's a good friend, workmate and an animal lover as well. :)

Mr Puddy said...

Important Note ! Please Read !!!

Hello friends, This page posted by mom long time ago. And now she couldn't get it back to re-update, or do anything with it. According to my mom, she lost her email address & passwords. Now I am in charge this page but in some how I couldn't do anything with it neither.

To all cats, The food I did eat it was NO GOOD ! and I did pay consequences because my mom was lacked of knowledge of cat food in 2010.

New info, please check " 30 Foods And 470 Plants To Never Feed Your Cat "

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