Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Socks

Normally, my cat visitor loves to play with my husband's sock ( used one ) but today I threw the cleaned one to her. 

Results : Cleaned socks was not satisfy by her.


Anonymous said...

MOL~!!! She's a stinky sock lover! Skeeter is the same way! Some girls are just weird like that! MOL~!!!

Jacqueline said...

MOL!!...It's all about the smells!!..Happy day, friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Anzu said...

She fixes on daddy's pheromone.
Probably, it tunes up her system.
My boy doggy fixes on my bra.
He carried it into his snug den.
Good grief! …c(゚^ ゚ ;)

The Chair Speaks said...

Maybe she helps your husband to take off his socks everyday? LOL!

Boom Nisanart said...

LOL all comments today made me laugh !

EJ, my husband said Yes, she does that's why he keep feeding her : )

Cory said...

Sock! Did someone say sock??


Wha? A clean sock?


Where are the dirty ones??

Purrs, Cory

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