Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Replied from her owner !

Today, I got the message from her owner. She replied me ! I am so glad to get this replied. I did drop the letter to her last tuesday. I asked about my cat visitor breed and where her owner got her from. Her replied is very important for me. This replied let me learn more about my visitor and get to know her owner.

Her owner didn't get her since she was a little kitten but she got her from Cat Shelter. She is a domestic long hair breed. She has been rescued from the street. And her owner has more cats in the house. She didn't say how many. But it was enough for me to learn about her and my cat visitor.

What I did learn ? I might be not agree with her owner in the locked up issue. But it doesn't mean I think about her owner in the bad way. Especially now, I learn... Her owner is a cat lover and she has a great heart otherwise she just go to get the cats from pet shop or cat breeders but she chose to look after the rescue cat which have a lots of thing to consider, for me it's more hard work. But please don't take me wrong about all cat owners who get your cats from the pet shop or cat breeders, you are not great. You are ! 

And what I do learn about her. I used to think or even talk to my friends " I think something about her told me she might be a cat from the rescue centre. such as, she adjusts herself so quick in my place. or sometimes she just ran away from us like we going to hit her while we has done nothing or many times, I have to told her to relax " but now everything is clear ! she has been rescued. May be that why she need more love, more attention than normal cats. 

Her owner has cat more than one. May be this is the real reason, she love to be in my place. Because she is an only queen here ! and she knew we are all love her.

Link : Things to consider before adopting a pet from a cat rescue centre.
Link : Looking After Rescue Cats With Behaviour Issues


The Chair Speaks said...

All my cats are not allowed to leave home. It is for their safety. The windows and doors have plastic netting.
Did you get to know Puddy's real name?
Puddy's earlier life was tough. She needs a lot of love and care which is what you are giving her now. And that will make her come back to you all the time.

Jacqueline said...

Glad you heard back from them; I am interested in Puddy's other name too...You guys have a great relationship with beautiful Puddy and I'm sure it will continue=she really loves you and has kind of adopted you!!...Happy day friends...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Boom Nisanart said...

Thank you EJ and Jacqueline,

I would like to know her name too but I didn't ask. I guess her name will be rename after she has been rescued ( still not original name ! ) and now she accepted the name " Puddy " : ) not a beautiful name but she ran to us when we call : )

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