Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have to confess to you all. Some of my posted, I did posted on actual day, Some has been delayed because I don't want to do it in one day or I didn't have time to write the story ( I have 4 blogs ). By the way, All posted is real story.

If you followed my blog last week. It's all about my cat visitor didn't turn up for 4 days, it actually happened but the real time of first locked up was two weeks ago and last week she has been locked up again. It happened twice. And each time 4-5 days. I really want to tell you this story.

Last week, when she didn't turn up so many days. And the third day, I actually knocked her door. The reason I knocked her door.

1. I miss her so much

2. I want to make sure it's her house

3. I would like to ask them about where they get her from, and want to doubble checked about her breed.

Result : They didn't open the door ( I did knocked 3 different times ) so I though they might be not home. Second time, I heard her voice, she cried out loud.But I can't do anything with it. I just say " Puddy ! " to let her know " It's me ! " but I wasn't sure the owner was behind the door or not. So no other words from me.

Now I know why she didn't come to my place because she has been locked up inside the house.

The next day, I went to knock again. This time, I pretty sure they are home because it was a bin day. When everyone got home, We will drag the bin back inside the house. On the way home, I saw their bin was in front the house. A couple hours later, I went back to her house, the rubbish bin at the front has been draged back into her house. So I knocked the door. No one open again. I think They might think I am a A door-to-door salesman so they might not open. Or not open for unexpected guess.

Next day, I dropped the letter at their front door to ask about her cat breed and where they get her from.( I didn't mention about her visited ) but no reply till now. ( I leave my mobile number )

Finally, They let her out on the fifth day. She came to my place. But I can see she is not normal. She didn't eat much. She did not play. She just walk back and forward between inside my house and the back yard every 10 min. , She spent time with us just a few sec. and most of the time, she just sit at the back door and look outside. She didn't look happy but stress. ( You will know when you spent time a lots with your cats )

She prefers spent more hours at the backyard even it was rain. Don't want to get inside. I am not blame her, she been locked in the house for almost a week. We leave her do whatever she want. We didn't try to get her inside but just keep the back door open. She leave us about 6 pm. I think she is going home. I guess she doesn't want to be locked up again so she must be a good girl , go home !

I don't know she is going home or not because in the next day, she knocked my door at 5.30 am. We just woke up and let her in, feed her and let she go because we have to go to work. After I was back home after work, I saw her waiting for me in my back yard. She look better this time but she still want to spend lots of time in my back yard.

She leave at 6 pm. then came back to us at 8.30 pm. spent the whole night with us. It has been like this till now. Yes, I got her for sleep over for 3 nights, she just went back home yesterday.

Actually, I have never want to mention about her owner treat her because she is their cat. And I believe they love her as all cat owners. They might be busy. They might be have a little kids. Whatever reasons which made they not pay attention much to her, and made her have to find love out of her door.

This is her breed behavior " they also enjoy the company of humans and other pets and will sometimes go looking for company if left alone by their owners. "

I want to mention about them this time. When I saw her house clearly when I went to knock their door. I feel so sorry for my cat visitor to be locked up almost a week in the house and all windows never been opened ( I have never see one of window opened even a little gap to let the fresh air in ). Every single window has been covered with the security window like this picture ( this pictured is from internet, not their house but same type of security window) .

She is just a kitten. Whatever she has been naughty. I am not really agree with this long punishment. Especially, They used to let her out !

And I found this saying from Animal psychologist Tamzin Barber. Her saying like what I though. Tamzin Barber is very interested in the animal-human bond and what strengthens it. She works with cats and their owners in her Brisbane, Queensland, (Australia) business, Talking Animals.

" Cats are intelligent and if left alone all day can get bored, lonely, frustrated or even depressed."

“ But cats are not small clean dogs, nor are they a wild animal,” Barber says. “Cats are individuals; they are unique and clever animals, and they have social and psychological needs that are often not met. ”

“ Imagine if you were shut in the house all day and told: ‘here’s a nice soft chair for you, your food’s over there on the floor, and the toilet’s just behind that door,’ but you can’t go anywhere or do anything. Wouldn’t you be bored or frustrated? ”

I just wish some owner who want to punish their own cats this way, Please think again ! 

By the way, my cat visitor is back to normal now ( after three days ). Now she look happy and enjoy her day as usual.

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I have to apologize to his ex owner for this post. I didn't know what exactly happen till I did speak to them. They has been away in oversea for this time. They did ask someone to do cat sitter. Puddy has been locked up because no one home, and he might stress because his owner has been away. ( September 20, 2010 )


Anonymous said...

We are sorry she was locked up for so long. At least she does come back to you. It's just a shame that she keeps wanted to go back home. We wish you all the luck in the world and maybe one day, she will become yours.

The Chair Speaks said...

I know exactly how you feel. It was the same with Tanya for years.

Jacqueline said...

We're sorry to hear she is being locked up for days at a time...You are a very kind hearted person and Puddy is lucky to have you...One day, you will really love having a kitty of your own and Puddy will be the reason you do it=she will always be your "first kitty"!...love and hugs to you and beautiful Puddy...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Rebecca said...

Cruel for her to me locked up-I have 3 cats and 3 dogs-you have to treat them well. Have a Happy Blue Monday if you can!

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