Monday, September 13, 2010

More to know about Puddy

As you all knew I love Puddy so much. A month ago, I really want to adopt her but before I decided to do anything about it. For me, This is the touchy issues. I have been asked so many people about what I should do about her. All advice are the same, I should not ask for adopting her. Because I can upset the owner. Everyone love their own cats. They said I should leave it this way.No matter what I feel about Puddy. The cat has an owner and I should respect that. 

This is the replied from the cat owner last time. I think she got Puddy from the rescued place.

And last night, I don't know why I do search internet about " Lost and Found Cats in Melbourne". I just keep doing it one website to another. and then this is surprise me. This is Puddy ! ( I sure it's her because in this posted has details of the recent owner but I would like to keep it private. )

Puddy has been rescued by the recent owner not the shelter !  and PUDDY IS A MALE  !!!!

 This posted is still looking for his owner. It's almost a year !

This is Puddy when the recent owner first found. He look so skinny. Thanks for his owner to rescue him from the road. Otherwise he might end up with accident or get kill at pounds.

( Approximately 130000 dogs and 60000 cats are killed at pounds every year : Read more at Deathrowpets )


Anzu said...

Puddy is a male ♪
It's quite satisfactory reasons of his easygoing character and acts like such a baby.
He is Prince Puddy.

Anonymous said...

Puddy is still very gorgeous! We really wish you'd be able to adopt him. I guess it can't hurt to ask the person who is caring for him if it's possible for you to adopt. Worst thing they'll say is no, but you'll still get your visits!

Boo-Bah said...

It is good that Puddy was rescued. He is really beautiful. It seems that he has chosen you to be in his life. I wish he could be your cat, but if that is not to be, his visits with you will continue.

Katnip Lounge said...

Maybe you and the owner can share? It's up to Puddy, after all. ;-)

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