Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Top

" Can you tell where am I ? he..hee..heee.. I'm on top of the house"

"  Ah ha ! ...I smell something ! "

" I have to hurry ! "

" I think I can do short cut to the front, Here "

" You can meet me at the front ! "

" Roarr !!! "
" Guess !  What do I see ? "
" I can tell you a little bit...Having white color ! "


Kay L. Davies said...

He's getting very brave now that he owns the house, isn't he?
Years ago, I had a cat who never went onto my roof. Then my niece and her husband came to stay with me, bringing their cat. He figured out how to get onto the roof, and taught my cat how to get there!

Alberta, Canada

Anonymous said...

You look SOOO handsome up there! We think you see a squirrel!

Cory said...

Are you up on the roof to get closer to the birdies?

The Chair Speaks said...

It sure is windy up there, isn't it Puddy? And how far can you see?

Ann said...

Ahhh, he's adopted you. He knows when he's well off. I've linked your blog to my cat blog. I hope you don't mind.

Boom Nisanart said...

Thanks everyone, I did see a Beautiful Fluffy White Cat but my mom can't get a photo of her, she ran so quick.

EJ, Yes it was windy. and I can see very far from here.

Ann, my mom don't mind at all. and she like your blog and can't wait for your next posted

Purrfect Haven said...

Puddy - King of the castle! Love Darcy and Bing xx

Anzu said...

I wonder if Prince Puddy fall in love with her at a glance.
I'm looking forward to her figure,
Snow White. =*^・ェ・^*= ノ

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