Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Raining in Early Spring

" The Early Rain 
The Petal fall 
on the Early day
In the Good Spring "

" I Smell the rain "

" And Feel the Wind "

" Soft Touch on Dirt "

"  I am Alert !  Food smell in the air "


Link : The cat’s incredible sense of smell
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Katnip Lounge said...

Puddy, you must spend hours washing your feetsies to get them so white! You are gorgeous in today's photos.

The Island Cats said...

Those are great pictures of you, Puddy!!

Jacqueline said...

As always, beautiful photos of sweet, gorgeous Puddy!...She looks so adorable and soft, our Mommy wants to cuddle her so much!...kisses, lovely friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Kay L. Davies said...

What a beautiful, beautiful cat. I'm sure she loves visiting you as much as you love seeing her.
There is a cat who has been coming to our house recently, sitting under one of the cars, sitting in my front flower garden... looking very healthy, and surely owned by someone, but coming here every day.
When I lived in BC, I had a cat who loved to go visiting, so I put a collar on him, and a tag with his name and my phone number. When I was moving away, strangers came knocking on my door to tell me, "I just want to say goodbye to Herman. He visits us every morning."
Herman particularly liked to visit people who had babies, kittens, or puppies!
Alberta, Canada

Sylvia K said...

Puddy is a cute one that's for sure! She seems very happy with her world, too! Great shots for the day! Hope you both have a lovely week!


The Chair Speaks said...

Puddy must be busy and happy chasing all those falling petals. :)

Lara Neusiedler said...

this is a wonderful story! and this is one awesome cat!

Jossie said...

Puddy is a real beauty and the best model one can have. She must feel very at ease in your garden. No idea yet whose cat it is?

We love Luna said...

This post is so adorable with the beautiful poem to mix so perfectly!
Puddy is CUTE!
I wish I could see petals of flowers all over the floor, but here is only raining water and water!

AttieCattie said...

aw, so nice.

Gattina said...

My cats can smell the rain nearly every day, lol ! Arthur loves to get wet like a sponge and then jumps on me !
You are a very good model !

Anonymous said...

You are looking lovely in your photo shoot today Puddy!

Boo-Bah said...

Puddy you are really a beautiful cat. I am glad that you have such a nice place to visit everyday.

Anzu said...

I love 桜/sakura blooming early in the spring.
You are lucky having such a wonderful cherry tree ☆⌒d(*^ー゚)b !!
Puddy on a bed of petals is like a goddess of spring.

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