Saturday, January 15, 2011

My day at the back fence

Where is everyone ? I didn't see even Smudge ! ( The cat next door )

Too peaceful ! I should do something

What the woffies is doing ?

I called the little dog " Hey, what are you doing, TINY ? "

" My name is BEN, Not TlNYYYY !!! " Doggy yell back at me

I keep teasing him " Yes, you are !!!...tiny tiny tiny ! even smaller than ME ! "

" Come down here ! and you will know I'm NOT ! " Doggy raised his voice

Puddy say " Do I need to ? "

" YES !!! " Doggy replied

" Silly dog ! what he gonna do with me...hee..hee...I'm in the safe place "

While I turn away he just suddenly jump and hit the fence so Loud !!!!

" Holy DOG !!! " 

" Hey Silly TINY, are you alright ?...Any Hurt ?.. Puddy asked the Doggy

Doggy is still raving " I won't tell you and Read my mouth, I'm not SILLY and I'm not TINY ! "

" HEY TINY !...Love your name !...TINY TINY " Puddy announces.

He is out of his mind and keep barking.

Not so bad for today !

teasing dog !

Mom can't get his photo of doggies who live behind my fence but this two photos from internet will give you some ideas what they look like

Up top is the same breed as " Ben " who live behind my back fence. I love to teasing him he is funny : ) .....But another one I don't dare because he look like THIS 

Yes ! this is real woofie. Big Male Adult Rottweiler !!! His name is Schultz  !


Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Mr Puddy
stai attento al cane.... !!!!
Baci Igor ( e mamma )

Cat said...

Dogs...sheesh! They don't know anything Mr Puddy, but I'd stay away from the big one for sure!

Stacy Hurt said...

Oh Mr. Puddy! Have I tole you lately howz you a cat after my own hearts!!! Our neighbor has two goggies who even if you duct taped them together wouldn't be bigger than ME! Why I'll bet all three of the other fatties here could just sit on dem and all you'd hearz would be dogs barking sounding like coming from the cat butt! LOLOLOLOL!!!

Good on ya! Keep ole Tiny guessing! But ya; that big one isn't worth one of your lives!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Lucy The Beautiful said...

Puddy! My knight in shining armor! You are the bravest and Holymotherofcats, do NOT go near that Chill dog!
Whew, I am still shaking after seeing that mug. Sam heard me yell and he came right over to see. Guess where he is now -- under the bed! Thank goodness he didn't see me type, "My knight in shining armor"!
Head boinks from me to you, Mr Puddy!

Kea said...

Mr Puddy, you've had quite the day in the tree, teasing "Tiny." Do take care, though, and definitely stay away from the big woofie!

BTW, sometimes it's the little dogs that are far nastier than the big ones!

Princess Jasmine said...

Mr Puddy, you tell Tiny who is boss. I hope his bark is louder than his bark! Looks like you had a fun day :)

Kay L. Davies said...

Kea is right, sometimes the little dogs are nastier than the big ones, and some Rottweilers are just pussy-cats in dog clothing, but if Schultz ever decides to hurt you, he could hurt you big time!! Rottweilers have big jaws that can lock on and not let go.
Lindy just ignores little yappy dogs but, of course, she is a bit of a big dog herself. She is small for a Golden Retriever but she thinks she's a Big Game Hunter. She can't wait for the deer to walk under her window again! It is very snowy here, so the deer come to our house to eat the ornamental crabapples off the tree, because they can't find grass. Lindy watches them, but doesn't bark.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

CCL Wendy said...

Mr. Puddy, it's not good to taunts woofies. They're not reasonable like cats are -- you never know when they're going to go beserk.

You look very handsome with all that greenery around you, by the way.

Old Kitty said...

Mr Puddy!!!! You do have some amazing adventures!!! Me and Charlie are glad you have a tree to stay in and perch so you could tease gorgeous Tiny - sorry Ben!! - all you want!! Awwwww!!!

Schultz is absolutely beautiful but we advice to give him plenty of room, to respect his personal space and to call him Sir Woofie or Mr Woofie or Your Royal Dogginess!! :-)

Take care

MoMo said...

Hehehe, Puddy, you are a scream!!! I used to do that to the little dog next door. Hey bud, make sure you stay away from that big monster.

ABBY said...

Mr Puddy
WE love seeing you against the green of the trees or the green of the grass, it sets off your coloring so purrfectly. WE love your adventures!!!


The Chair Speaks said...

Puddy, you better be nice to Ben, then Shultz will be nice to you! :)
Yes, Puddy, there are lots of such scary stories in both your mom's and our human's country. Very scary!

A few Good Cats said...

Mr. Puddy, we like it that you tease that little tiny dog. Dogs really secretly like the attention. Cats, of course, do not have that kind of compulsion.

Deb said...

Just don't fall off that fence, Puddy. Way too dangerous! Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Puddy!!! You just love to stir up the pot! MOL!!

I have to say those green leaves make your eyes look even more green! just stunning, I love those photos!

You are right...that dog is TINY! But don't go messing with the big dog!

We were at the vet today and he asked how my blog was coming along and I told him ALL ABOUT YOU! I was telling him about "Puddy" and how much I love him! I made him laugh and smile by talking about you.

Have a great weekend Puddy!

Au and Target said...

Oh Puddy be careful that your pal doesn't munch you up!

Sparkle said...

The dog here is not as a big as Schultz, but she is still nearly 10 times my size! But she is scared of me! I like the way you tease that silly tiny dog!

Katnip Lounge said...

We think that teasing the dog ONLY from the top of the fence is great entertainment!

lupie said...

Oh Puddy!!! You make me laugh!!!
What a strategist bullying plan!!!

OKcats said...

Hahaha! Good job, Mr. Puddy! We bet Tiny was getting real upset with you! But, we think you're smart not to mess with Schultz - he is NOT Tiny.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Oh! That big dog looks scary to me! We laughed at your story! You are very handsome!

=^..^= said...

We just love all the tree shots! We are never allowed out of the house, wat more climb such a gorgeous tree!

~Slash & Bronzy

Forever Foster said...

It's a good idea not to bother Schultz! Suey loved the dog who used to live next door to us at our old house. We also had an angry little dog who looked like TINY!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hey Mr Puddy - if you want to tease a doggie pick on the tiny one don't think about calling that big dog rude names - you might end up as mince meat!!

Mariodacat said...

Puddy buddy - I'd go easy on teasing those doggies. The tiny one is cute, but dat bigger one looks like he could eat you for lunch. You are one brave kitty - or maybe foolish kitty! he he

Esme said...

Mr Puddy you are having too much fun hiding in that tree.

Sweet Praline said...

Better be careful teasing those woofies!

Ginger Jasper said...

Its good fun to tease the woofies but you are so right to avoid that big one.. Stay safe..Hugs GJ xx

Carolyon said...

Hehe! Your cheeky with the dogs!

Fin said...

Your pictures are so great!

Father Tom said...

Puddy, I wouldn't mess with Tiny or Shultz. One is loud and one is big and you were smart to just stay up high!

The greenery, by the way, is a beautiful backdrop for your black and white furs!


The Island Cats said...

Haha!! We love how you teased Tiny!! We have a neighbor woofie too...she's small and not real bright...we love to tease her!!

GreatGranny said...

Puddy, I saw your manly furs standing up. Did that big old woofie scare you? It's always best to stay in the tree until the coast is clear.
I must say you looked brave up there in the tree among the pretty green leaves.

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