Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mr. Flea Bag

Yep ! It's me, Mr. Flea Bag !
And to gain my great name back,

I have to be Washed !

The water is warm.
Mancat like me can handle that.

Easy !!!
I'm calm, I'm cool

And then

Eek !!!
I'm getting soaked, and soaked !

This is Freak Me Out !

I'm out of here !

( Notice my tail, It's freaking Straight ! )

I'm give up ! Let's me go !!!!!

" No, Puddy ! You are doing good and Now we do Flea Shampoo, O.K. ? " Dad said.

Do I have a choice ? Any Choice ?

COD! This is Horrible ! and I hate shampoo !
I try to run away
but it like running on Freaking Treadmill !
Dad keeps grabbing me, I can go no where !

While I'm about to ask COD for hep,
Dad hacks my brain

" Puddy, You are doing well.
You can have two packs of mince meat today ! "

That's better ! .. In Metal and Physical !
The water is nice and warm
It's better than shampoo part

And I can have two packs of mince meat,
That's a good trade !

Dad and Mom dried me with towel
But Nothing look like Dry.

So Dad use Force Drying

Salute to the heat !
This is mad bath in winter

Oh Yeah ! Up my butt !

I 'm in a hurry!!
2 Packs Mince Meat is waiting for me ; )


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Sparkle said...

OMC! Water!!! A bath!!!! How horrifying!!!!!!! Binga and Boodie have had baths, but never me - I scream and struggle if I am being held within 20 feet of a sink!

Bare bilder - Pictures only said...

It must be terrible for you Puddy, but I must say you are very patient and clever:)

Cathy Keisha said...

OMC Puddy, where is your dignity? After seeing you wet and nekkid, I can say that you DON'T need to be on a diet. There's nothing to you but FUR!

Kjelle Bus said...

After that treatment you too can go to a Catshow Mr Puddy !!!
Mommie just loved the pictures !!!
I´m thinking Oh my COD do I look like that when I´m taking a bath ??!!

Simba said...

Puddy, you did SO WELL! My humans would have been torn to shreds and bitten and everything if they had tried that with me. You deserved your mince meat for sure.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

You are such a good boy! I don't see any dad-blood anywhere!

And, Mr. Puddy! When your furz are all wet, you look very skinny! You aren't fat--just floofy!

Oh, and sorry, dood, when I said FB I meant "flashy box" not facebook. I don't think I'm going to be able to talk her into facebook :-(

Prancer Pie said...

OMC! The indignity of it! How soon mom and dad forget about Don't Mess With Your Kitty!

Photo Cache said...

good boy Puddy. Buster and Emma get their bath too. Now you can have your mincemeat in peace. And you smell fresh too :)

Buster and Emma

Furkidsmom said...

OMC how terrifying!! We don't blame you for being freaked out!! We hope you enjoyed your two packs of Mince Meat!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh Puddy, we feel your pain. Bathing is TERRIBLE TORTURE of the worst kind. And we think you are not fat at all! No more diet for you...and no more fleas, either.
The Baby says to hurry up and take a dirt bath to get that fou-fou shampoo smell off.

CaroScat said...

LMAO here. Mr P you were made for stardom. Your face is a picture. I also think the director and cameraperson did a brill job :P Oscar-winning performance!

Max said...

Dood...if that happened to me, there would be massive amounts of poop on pillows...

Fuzzy Tales said...

OMC, that's one of the most horrible things we can imagine enduring! In fact, we never have and we hope to Cod we never do!

The mom was very impressed with you, Mr. Puddy -- your dad was bare-handed while bathing you and didn't seem to get any bites and scratches. LOL.

That deserves AT LEAST two packets of minced meat!

Fisher and Staff said...

You are so amazing! You are so good, too. Just thought I would share with you that the staff woman will put a towel in the sink so I can stand on it and I do not feel like I am slip sliding away. It is the little things....

Old Kitty said...

Mr Puddy!!! Dad did say 2 packs of mincemeat a day for LIFE didn't he?!?! Me and Charlie heard him say that, yes we did! LOL!! Awwww Mr Puddy!! bet you are now all nice and floofy and smelling of crushed roses!! Yay!!! We vote for you everyday at the petties, Mr Puddy! take care

Cat said...

We hope the yummy mince made up for your ordeal Puddy!!!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Oh the horror!!!!
The indignity!!!
But you dad seems to have gentle hands to hold you safe & secure so hopefully it was all over quickly!
And you got extra treats! Great!

Daisy said...

Oh Mr. Puddy, you poor dear! You sure were brave to endure that terrible ordeal.

Glogirly and Katie said...

Oh Puddy...how absolutely humiliating. Next time, call me for help. I can easily negotiate twice as much mince meat.


ABBY said...

Oh Mr Puddy
how awful that you had to get WET all over! OH noes well we were hoping for a nice warm fluffy picture of you eating your mince meats.


Mark's Mews said...

OMC! None of US have EVER hadda bath. It sounds horrible! Iza runs if even a drop of kitchen sink water splashes on her. At least TBT doesnt even OWN a blowdryer.

Hope ya enjoyed the mince meat!

Derby, Ducky said...

Sorry you had to get a bath, hope you enjoyed your mince meat.

Frank's Corner said...

Wow...Mr. Puddy, you look SO fine naked! There is nothing unhandsome about you...even drenched and sudsed you are gorgeous! Daisy has her eyes bulging out from looking at your pictures. AND you are brave! None of us would be in the same room with a BLOW DRYER!

Cara n Crew said...

YoW! We hope you are back to your old "Mr. Puddy" self, Mr. Puddy. We hate baths too. Did your dad get as wet as you did? mol!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

OMC Puddy!!!

How could they do that to you!!??

I must say you handled it awfully well!!!

I loved how you were gripping on to the side of the sink for dear life! OMC Puddy!!

I am wondering how you can look even more handsome all wet!!??

I did see how straight your tail was Puddy! I think you were so calm all factors considered!

You had me laughing out loud with the "air in your butt!!"

I am sure with all of that scrubbing and shampooing you earned your good name back!

Much love Puddy!

Huffle Mawson said...

I am sorry Mr Puddy, but I haven't laughed this hard in ages! My favourite line is Salute to the heat!

I never have to have a bath because I am a good girl but Teddy has had them before and he always looks like you do.

Athena said...

OMC Mr. Puddy, a bath! How awful! Although, fleas are pretty terrible I haf to say. At least you gotted two packages of mince meat. And I can say for sure, you are NOT FAT! You are floofy!

That Girl said...

Aww, poor kitty! Baths can be so traumatic!

The Chair Speaks said...

LOL! We love your bathing pictures and we've voted for you!

Ramblingon said...

NO way are you fat. NO way handsome Puddy. You werte so excellent for the bath and the drying..I am very proud of you. Here both mommy and I would have nervous breakdowns if she tried to bathe me.

Stacy Hurt said...


My sympathies friend

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Tillie and Georgia said...

A shampoo AND a blow dry??????????
We would be in hiding for a long time before we would let Mom do that!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!
That's scary :o
Purrs Tillie and Georgia

m.q said...

we hates bath!!!!

Makropoulos said...

Wow, PUddy! Not only are you brave, your mom is too. Squeak gets an extra special haircut when it gets hot -- at a haircutter. And Pisi, well, Pisi -- the vets won't even touch her, so we grab a brushing whenever we can!

Chloe and Cecil said...

OMC, Mr Puddy, the indignity of it all.. fleabag! Youse no such ting! We did not see bloods on you Dads awms..you missed a gweat oppowtunity.

Mariodacat said...

I must say pal, you behaved much better than I would have. he he -you are much cuter dry tho. I tried to blindfold M so she not see this cuz I don't want to get a b.a.t.h.

Whisppy said...

Hahaha. You're so well behaved, Mr Puddy! Boomer had his bath yesterday because he dug around in someone's garbage and came home stinking of rotten fish. And he screamed and shouted throughout!

BeadedTail said...

OMC! A bath? Our sisfur Sadie gets though but it ain't happening to us! You were very brave Mr. Puddy! Okay, we admit, we were admiring your Mancatly body under all that floof. :)

Raymond and Busby said...

Puddy we're not sure what's worse. Getting a bath or having them take photos of you having a bath.

The Cat Guy said...

Oh my, that's horrid. Not only did your humans torture you, they then post the pictures for everyone to see. Double yikes!! So sorrryy you had to go through all that.

Kwee Cats said...

Mr. Puddy! We sure hope those two packs of mince meat were worth it. That looked awful. We was woried we were seeing one of those horror movies!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Mr Puddy,
I think you've snared all the girls. They surely went googoogaagaa over your naked and wet pix. No...I'm not jealous. har har har *evil laughs*

Hjulia huller om buller, eller Smulan, Amanda och deras 2 benta said...

Well done Mr Puddy!
Your bath wasn't so bad after all and your reward was up to your good behavior.
Todays voting mission is comlpeted from us to!


Have anice day/nigth. Purr

Princess Jasmine said...

Oh Mr Puddy, how brave you are being bathed AND having the blowy thing on you too!!! I bet you smell lovely now :)xx

We love LUNA said...

oh Mr. Puddy, you are so brave, a bath with "water"it's incredible!
You boy was so easygoing that, I think I would not face it so well! MOL

vic said...

1. http://www.bayeranimal.com.au/default.aspx?Page=50&ItemId=75

2. every cat needs sometimes a bath, but not for fleas, JUST FOR PLEASURE!

Jacqueline said...

MOL=hot air up your butt!!!heheheh...We can't imagine=we've NEVER had a bath in water, but at least it's over, you feel better and you got some yummy treats for your pain and suffering...Also, we bet you could use 3 girl kitties to come over and cuddle with you to make you feel even better=we're on our way over, handsome :)...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Marg said...

Gosh, Puddy you are such a very good boy to put up with all that bath and soap. We would have never allowed ourselves into the sink. I bet you did feel better afterwards though. And no more of those bitey fleas. Have yourself a great day with all that good food.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Mr Puddy we are so shocked with today's pictures - how could you let them put you under that water torture with shampoo? We would have left ripped skin on mum if she had even thought about a bath for us. We just have a spot on neck treatment once a month for fleas and we think that's bad enough!! Even two packs of mince would not have been enough bribery!
We hope you are not too freaked out.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Manny said...

Your dad must be tough to hold you all through that torture. No way would I let myself be put through all that! Spunky Doodle and I get Frontline which I don't even like that, but it's not near as bad as what you go through.

The Meezers or Billy said...

oh dear - bafs is BAD

Punapippuri said...

Sorry, we couldn't bear to watch. Is there a forum to report this sort of abuse?????

SuziQCat said...

Puddy you were very brave and tolerant of the evil bath.

Thankfully we haven't had one in years, and we hope it stays that way!!

~Four Crazy Cats

Max the Quilt Cat said...

You are very brave with all that water and all that soap...

Enjoy the treats.

pawhugs, Max

Brian said...

You sure handled that quite well Mr. Puddy! I'm not so sure I would be so calm!

Everycat said...

Mr Puddy, I got bathed on Sunday and I hate it so much I go into shut down mode and make the apes worry themselves inside out as my revenge. You are so brave, especially enduring the evil hairdryer!! Ask your apes to give you a spot on treatment for fleas, it's a bit smelleh, but it's better than a bath (yuck)

Luff from Gerry

PS: I get bathed because I have no tongue hairs and can't keep my coat groomed properly

Everycat said...

I have had a bit of a think Mr Puddy and decided that two packets of mince is not nearly good enough compensation for you. You should get roast chickens on demand from now on to make up for that bath. You may need a lawyer to get this.


The Whiskeratti said...

Oh no. How terrible! What they did to you! But it looks like you handled it pretty well.

Gattina said...

If one of us would dare to do that to our cats you can visit us in the hospital ! Never ever they would allow to give them a bath. I have patches against fleas and worms and our vet says it's not good for cats to be bathed because it takes the protecting grease out of the fur. Now I don't know if it has something to do with the climate, because the American cats have the same bath destiny, lol ! Honnestly I really never heard of cat bathing until I started blogging !

Anzu said...

Thank you for sharing how to try men's cat grooming. It might be like performing cold water ablutions by a fall.(=xェx=) How nice of your father !

ellie said...

Poor Mr Puddy! We kitties would have been very stressed kitties if we had a bath! U were a very well behaved kitty! Demand extra special attention and treats for at least the next month!!

LP said...

We'd do anything for two packets of mince meat! Even endure a humilating bath replete with picture taking! Horrors! But we bet you enjoyed those packets of stinky goodness Puddy! And now you are squeaky clean which means plenty of massages and cuddles. Win/win!!
the critters in The Cottage

Ginger Jasper said...

Puddy my friend you have my sympathy. I so hate a bath and struggle and fight the whole time.. You did well and I hope you got the mince.. Hugs GJ xx

Laila and Minchie said...

OMC! You are so brave Mr. Puddy!

Lux The Light Warrior said...

MOL! Mr.Puddy, we must say, you look incredibly handsome even when you're soaking wet!

Cottage Tails said...

Mr Puddy No way -
None of our cats would ever tolerate a B A T H.

Love Leanne

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

That is just wrong! Nobody puts water on my furs but me with my own spit and nobody touches my butt but me!

Fluffy and Heather said...

Ahh brings back good memories of when I used to give my cat a bath! She was just as fluffy as yours. She was never very impressed... :)

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

OMC! And yoo didn't scratch? Not even once?

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