Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24 Hat Day For SAS

If you used to been hatted by Mom Judi like me.
You will know Today is a special day for our friends SAS

Mom Judi always help so many Kitty's bloggers to have a fabulous header on their blog.
She always make sure every kitties who got a beautiful birthday card or gotcha day card to celebrate their special day. Now they have a difficult time to keep their roof over their head

For you who can help , Please Click this link to donate

or Check out the Auction at Helping Our Needy Friends

And If you are unable to do donation please visit every friends who post " HAT DAY FOR SAS " today,
Because some of them will do donation by amount of your comments. Every comments will help SAS

Purrs For SAS

PS : Today, Comments are closed. Please Enjoy your day : )

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