Sunday, November 13, 2011

At VET Clinic

Whew !!! Finally, I'm here, at the clinic !
After I been locked in da house for 9 hours !!!

And it was drama in the car while daddy drove me here, I made a wicked loud noise !
Daddy said because this time, mommy come with us, so I'm a bit sookie la la.
So daddy put one hand into the carrier, and pet me till we got to the VET.

I'm a Drama Boy, so I was invited to the VET stage !

Now, Let's me bring it on !!!

All basic check up, All Good !

and Now I'm going to get the annual vaccinations !!!

I react Nothing !!! because It's NOT HURT at all !!!!

The doctor explained to my pawrents why ? it's because Cat skin is not attached to the underlying body like human. So when te doctor gave me a shot , the fluid run into the space under the skin. That's why I feel nothing !

After finnish two shots, Mom told the doctor about my poo present, and show him the photo ( Yes, mom got photo of my blood poo ! )

The doctor said I got worm because I'm an indoor/outdoor kitty. That's why my poo have few strawberry jam blood on top of my mushy stool. 

The doctor think he don't need my present !
Could you believe that ?

But my doctor gave me a worm medicine right there !
and more medicine for me to take for a few day to stop my diarrhea.
So I guess I'm fine ! Nothing Serious.

After I finnish my show, I got back to my carrier. We walked out of the door
And Guess what ?

Two big woofies !!!!
They walks toward me !!!!

And Thanks Daddy, He is quickly put my carrier on top of the counter !

As you can see they are the big woofies ! Especially the one below of the picture !! ( Great Dane )The nurse have to invited them to another section which have a gate between us. And she gave them a biscuit.

Yep ! I was saved by biscuits !

Back Home, Daddy and Mommy said I'm doing good.
And they proud of me !

After I got out off the carrier, they just know I did pee in the carrier....tee..heh

So Now everyone got job to do !

Mom's Job, she have to wash my carrier.
Daddy have to give me medicine every 12 hours for 5 days

And Me, Clean up myself.

Thank so much to purrs and paws crossed for me.
You all are the Best



Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

That was an excellent report of your visit to the VET!
You are very handsome, and we are happy that you are doing so well.
~ The Bunch

Sparkle said...

I'm glad your check-up went well, Mr. Puddy, but that is SO disappointing that the vet rejected your present! In fact, I think it is very rude of him. You should have peed on the table in retaliation. I know you had it in you because you peed later on!

Cindy said...

Oh, Mr. Puddy, so happy all is okay and the blood in poo was only caused by nasty worm! Sammy had to take worm medicine one time, too. You look so scared in that first photo! MOL! Glad you are back home safe and sound!! XOXO
Buster, Rudy, Sam and Cindy

The Kitties of Purring Pines said...

We're glad your check-up went well. Sorry to hear you have diarrhea. Maybe that's the reason the v-e-t didn't want your present. Feel better soon!

Kjelle Bus said...

Great report about your visit to the vet , Mr Puddy !
Me and mom are soooo glad to hear that you "just" got worms in your tummy and that is easy fixed with medicin.

Simba said...

Puddy, we are sorry you have some worms, but that is a good explanation for the blood, better than something else. My kitty "brother" Rusty was an indoor outdoor kitty, who ate things like chipmunks, and he unfortunately regularly had some worms, and needed medicine for them. Our vet said often kitties develop some resistance to them, but Rusty did not.

Feel better soon!!!

ros@dimaggio63 said...

Hi Puddy,
sono contento che tutto stia a posto !
Baci Igor :))

Old Kitty said...

Awww Mr Puddy!! Me and Charlie love this post. LOVED the narrative flow! There was a beginning, middle and end! What a great picture book story - brilliant!! Awwww Mr Puddy!! You did brilliantly and were very very very BRAVE! You told not only the scales to behave but were fierce in the face of these big lovely woofies! Yay!!!

Awwww we hope you have extra treats, cuddles and a fabulous run around in your garden while mum and dad attend to their duties! Yay! Take care Mr Puddy!! x

Katnip Lounge said...

Puddy! The expression on your face getting into your carrier--PRICELESS!! Or so Mommy says; we couldn't look! We howl in our carrier too...those things bring out the sooky la la in the bravest of Cats.
Your vet is a spoilsport (poopyhead?) for rejecting your gift.
But peeing in the carrier? Well Done! Now all you need to do is get rid of those nasty werms and you're all set for another year.

The Whiskeratti said...

We are so glad it's an easy fix for you, Mr Puddy.


Great news Mr. Puddy! Interesting about cats skin as well. Tell your pawrents to get som Feliway and spray one quirt in the car 15 minutes before leaving for the journey. Singing to you might have a calming effect as well.

♥Da fambly kitties♥ said...

Bet it was those big doggies that scared the p*ss out of you, huh, Mr. Puddy, you cutie pie, you.

The Cat Guy said...

happy endings are good. worms make for happy endings!

just cuz the vet rejected your gift doesn't mean you can't keep gifting your mommy and daddy with your precious poops. maybe try the sink next time.

looloo said...

Hello, Mr Puddy,

I am so glad it is nothing serious to worry about!


looloo said...

Hello, Mr Puddy,

I am so glad it is nothing serious to worry about!


Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Hi Mr. Puddy,
We are all relieved that you didn't feel your shots! Take your medicine like a good boy to get rid of those worms.

So happy to hear it wasn't anything serious.

Cat Mandu said...

You were such a good boy at the vet doctor's! I'm glad you are taking cares of your worms. Did you "really" mess up your carry bag? Oh, dear!?!?!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

That sounds like a pretty exciting vet visit, Puddy! We're glad you're fine and you were clearly very brave. We're proud of you!

The Chans

Fuzzy Tales said...

We think your visit went very well, Mr Puddy, and we're glad it's just worms, nothing to be worried about. But how rude of the vet, not to want your "present!"

Kay L. Davies said...

So good of the vet to give you subcutaneous fluids for your shots. Doesn't hurt at all.
Cats have loose skin so their birth-mommies can pick them up when they're kittens.
And some woofies are nice, Mr. Puddy.
A long, long time ago, when Lindy's mom was a teenager, her family had a collie who looked after the cats and their kittens. If the kittens got too far from the house, he picked them up and brought them back to the mother cat.
He was a particularly good woofie, but not the only good one in the world. Lindy is a good woofie, too, and doesn't bother about cats at the vet clinic.

Kay and Lindy, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

CaroSCAT said...

Oh such a relief Mr Poot. You've no idea how pleased we are and how proud that you didn't kill the vet!!

As you know, Austin has been for his annual vet visit too. I'm not sure if that story will ever be told!!!


Tamago said...

Great news that your check-up was good! I hope the worms will leave your tummy soon.
When I take my kids to the vet by myself, I put my had in the carrier, too :-)
Have a wonderful weekend, Mr. Puddy!!


We're so glad that there isn't anything bad going on with your poo. Thanks for sharing your V-E-T visit with us. You were really brave.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Eric and Flynn said...

We're back!!!!
We are glad your vet visit went well, but that was not nice of your vet to refuse your present. Good work peeing in the PTU though.

GreatGranny said...

The first photo looked like fright, but you were really brave, Mr. Puddy. I saw a Great Dane too and he was nice. I didn't haf to pee in my PTU.... We're so glad you're gonna be OK while getting rid of the worms. Not nice of the Vet not to take your present.
xoxo Kassey

cattywumpus said...

Oh Mr. Puddy, good news for you! We had OUR vet visit last week and it was terrible awful. We sang opera in the car and hated Mom afterward. Skootch suffered the most, and took 36 hours for him to recover. You were very brave, and we're glad it was just stupid worms!

BeadedTail said...

We're so relieved that you are okay Puddy! We hope the medicine works fast on those worms! We think you were very brave with that vet and those dogs too!

Au and Target said...

Well that's a relief! We're purring your feel 100% right away.

The Island Cats said...

Whew! What an adventure, Mr. Puddy! We're so glad your strawberry jam poo is nothing serious!

Anzu said...

Hi ! Mr.Puddy,
ヽ(=^゚ω゚)^/ I'm glad to hear good news.
You must be tired.Have a nice weekend with your family !

The Cat From Hell said...

Dear Mr Puddy
I see no welding gloves to protect the vet (and your people) from your fangs and claws! I see no blood! Yous was a perfect gentleman!
Mes would never ever be tht good at the vet!
Me is glad yous is fine. W has to take worm medication too cuz we is indoor/outdoor cats, its not too bad.

Cathy Keisha said...

You're very brave & you look so damn cute in those pics. You don't look scared like I do. Glad I don't go out so I can't get those worms. Ewwww!

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

We are kinda sorry, but we are laffin and laffin...not cuz you are sick but cuz of the pix and commentary! Hope you are feeling fine soon!

Clooney said...

Oh Puddy, thank goodness you are okay! We are happy that you got some medication to take care of the situation and that all will be well. You did excellent at the Vet, way to go! Hope you have a really great rest of the weekend Puddy!

Mark's Mews said...

Big hooray on the present ya left the vet!

Deb said...

So happy you are fine, Puddy. Annie had worms too so don't feel bad. Remind your mom that Christmas is coming and you will be 'gifting' her again. :-) Love you, Hugs, Deb^..^=x4

Julia Williams said...

So glad to hear that besides the yucky worms you are ok. That wasn't very nice of you to pee in your carrier though, MOL.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

I will never look at strawberry jam the same way again. Darn! Am so glad you're OK and no vet was harmed in this drama. purrr...meow!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

That was such a good report on your vet visit, and so many good pictures! We is verreh happy you is not really sick, Puddy!

Anonymous said...

Aww Mr Puddy what a fab post, you were very brave at the vets! I have to take 2 of my cats there next week for their boosters (ssshhh don't tell them yet!) xx

Punapippuri said...

That was a real thriller post. We were hoping all would be well, but it bought back memories of when we get taken in the Box of Doom. We are glad your poo is going to be sorted. And you behaved so well! Now Äiti will expect that of us :(

Punapippuri said...

That was a real thriller post. We were hoping all would be well, but it bought back memories of when we get taken in the Box of Doom. We are glad your poo is going to be sorted. And you behaved so well! Now Äiti will expect that of us :(

We love LUNA said...

So nice that everything finished well and thanks for updating the news!
Love you so much dear friend, please take care!
purrs to your heart,

Princess Jasmine said...

Thank you for a detailed account of your trip to the vet's. I maybe won't be so worried about mine.... maybe. We are glad you have a magic pill to make you all better. Love you Mr Puddy :)xxxx

Marg said...

That picture of you getting in the carrier is just the best. You do look just a tad nervous. What kind of vet is that to reject your present. That is so norty of that vet. We sure are glad you are in good shape. Get rid of those darn worms and you will be all back to normal. Have a great day.

CaroSCAT said...

Just had to come back and take another look at that first pic of you being stuffed into the carrier!!!!


Your mom is great with the flashbox :))))

Brian said...

I am so happy that is is nothing serious Mr. Puddy, and you sure were brave! Now, if you will excuse me, we are all going to do a happy dance to celebrate YOU!!!

Baby (Lisa Lisa and the Cat Jam) said...

I am one happy kitty that you are okay, Puddy. You were very brave at the vet.

Father Tom said...

That was a most entertaining visit to the vet, Puddy and you were such a good sport, too!

I'm glad you can be fixed up quickly and everything is okay, my furriend.


Hannah and Lucy said...

You made us laugh Mr Puddy when you did a big pee in your carrier.
We always do it to our mum too and she sometimes has to get stuff from the nurses to clean us up before she will take us in to the torturers offices.
We're glad your strawberry jam blood was not serious - we have spot on neck worm treatment each month AT HOME!!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
ps Don't forget to plot yopur revenge!!

Old raven said...

I so enjoyed this. And yes, it took me back many years with the lives of many cats. Today we have really loonie cats and the vet come to us. Say ... that last photo Puddy is "playing the cello).

Madi and Mom said...

OMC Mr. Puddy you have my sympathy...for #1 being trapped in the house FOREVER waiting for the appt. and #2 for being subjected to lots of strange probbing and prodding. Take your meds like a big boy.
Hugs Madi

-d ma said...

Thank goodness for biscuits.

Stacy Hurt said...

Oh Mr. Puddy! You made us MOL when you said your Daddy put you on the counter away from goggies. We thought you said he saved your biscuits! MOL! He sure did!

I ppeees in my carrier too. Serves them right for puttin us in there.

SO glad to read you is one all right Puddy Cat!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Esme said...

Mr. Puddy, glad to know that all is well-that is quite the lovely present you gave the vet.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We are late getting here but we are glad to read you are well.

Layla ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

That first photo of you looking scared, scared us but we soon relaxed with your brave display. Hooray it was only worms and a quick fix, bye bye wormies.

Fin said...

So glad you're okay Mr Puddy!!

somerville kitchen said...

glad to hear you are all well Mr. Puddy, you've got me worried for a two days.

Cat with a Garden said...

We are very glad your vet appointment didn't reveal anything serious. Now it's back to your normal routine again. Enjoy the good life!
Many purrs,
Siena & Chilli

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

Mr. Puddy, what an ordeal! I am so glad that everything went well at the vet! xo. And I must say you are quite the calmest kitty I have every seen at the doctor. You could be on the sofa at home the way you look. Purrs to you!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Puddy!! Why does all of this happen when I am forced to take a temporary break from reading blogs?

We had family in from out of town for my sister in law's 60th birthday so I missed this!

OMG your first photo was hilarious!

You were quite brave at the vet and you did a great job! I know what you mean about telling the scale to "shut up" I do the same!

I am glad that is was just worms and I hope you are feeling better!

LP said...

We've been thinking of you Puddy and are glad everything (your oopsie poopsies are fixable!)went well at the vet's. Check out our blog to see why we have been too busy to drop by lately :)

the critters in The Cottage xo

Luxington said...

Mr Puddy we are so very happy to hear that everything went well at the V-E-T!

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