Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 upcoming meow


This New Year Eve, Mom won't be with us because She is going to the WOODS !

tee..heh..  Woods Point Road, East Warburton, Victoria. It's out of the city and there is a Buddhist temple names Buddha Bodhivana Monastery 

Me got no idea how my mom can survive there because our bed time is 10 pm. ! Mom and her friend have to chant from 8 pm. till morning which is unreal for kitty like me.

Me won't stay up.... Of course,  ... Me is going to bed before midnight.

After midnight, I 'm going to wake dad up and then .. we will do

Happy Mew Year !

Wish you all have the whole pawsome year !
Full Filled with
Lots of love, Lots of laugh, Lots of luck,
Have a good health & Be safe

Thanks for all friendship you gave me. It's sweet ! ... just like treats



Puddy Boy

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