Since my mom got me, she just want to read anything about the cat. She didn't buy book at the first place because she think she didn't have time. She just print out from all website about cats. Read a few pages everyday, by the time she know. She got this pile of paper !

Then she start to buy book. This is the first book of her.

And then..Planet Cat

And then the true story about a cat who rode the bus. She said she bought this book because Casper is a tuxedo cat. " Sound Silly " but she said because of me : )

And then Dewey's Nine Life. Nine Stories in one books. Someone might love this book but I have to say this is not my mom favorite book.

Homer's Odyssey, The true story of the blind, abandoned cat. For mom , this is a good book. First time, she think it is going to be a soaking tear book but it's surprised her with humor and delightful story. And not overdo with the story ( till it look like fiction ), nice and simple and impressive with how much the author understand her cats.

And this is her Christmas Presents from my dad. The Zen Of Max and The World Is Your Litter Box.

The Zen of Max is simple and delightful. One of her good reading as well. You can read Caren's review ( from the link ) Because after read, Mom feel the same as her.

Mom learn a lot from this books. It's a good book to learn how cats should be feed. She didn't follow it all. But it gave her some ideas to avoid buy some cat food for me. Not all of them are safe for cat even they have " Cat's Food " but mom said the difficult bit is not how to buy but how to make me eat it ! ( That's not including in the book, of course ).

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