Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hello Tree !

" Time to sharpening my claws now "

" Would you mind ?...Stop taking my photo !
I want to pay concentrate what I am doing..Please ! "

And this is her marks !

So today, I learn something more about her. I think everyone who has cats knew well why cat scratches the tree. You knew but I did not because I has never have a cat. So I find informations to get to understand her in this link : why cats scratch thing

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caren gittleman said...

Grrr! I left a SUPER LONG comment that never went through. Hope it works this time!
You must be one incredible person to devote a blog/site to a cat that isn't technically "yours". You have to have a heart of gold and I am so glad that I found you on the Saturday Blog Hop!!
That cat is one gorgeous creature! I can see how you would have become so fascinated!
It is my pleasure to follow your blog!
Caren Gittleman
Cat Chat

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