Saturday, July 10, 2010

Her breed

I want to find out about her breed. We know about her appearance. She is black & white, long hair. She can be Norwegian Forest, Ragamuffin or Tuxedo. All look like her !

But her behavior is laid-back nature as it is to its beauty. She can be more like dogs than cats at times, running to the door to greet my husband or me when we come home or enjoying a rousing game of fetch. This explanation, she has a behavior of Ragdoll Breed but she is not Ragdoll so I think she can be Ragamuffin. because  Original Ragamuffin came from mixed breed between Ragdoll and other breeds.

But she can be Norwegian Forest cat too because this breed is so popular in Australia. And they are an intelligent, robust and playful breed. They like the outdoors, are well suited to cold conditions and are great hunters. Despite their great affection for the outdoors, they also enjoy the company of humans and other pets and will sometimes go looking for company if left alone by their owners. They are not easily stressed and are quite patient, which makes them great for a family with children.

Whatever breed she is. It doesn't matter. As long as we love her.I think that is matter. I just want to find out to know her more. That's all about it !


MoMo said...

Mieow, I am Momo, a Norwegian Forest Cat from Sydney. Please send your visitor over to play with me in my garden.

The Chair Speaks said...

Unfortunately without papers, that is, a birth certificate, our little furry black and white friend is termed as a domestic long hair or domestic medium long hair. Am glad that it did not bother you what she is as long as you love each other.
She is beautiful. Have you given her a name?

Boom Nisanart said...

Thank you to visit her.

The chair speak, We used to try so many names even my nickname " Boom "..she turned her face once ! and then she wasn't interested any more.But we called her " Kitty " for now : )

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