Sunday, July 11, 2010


One day, she sat in the back room and look outside and then she want to get out suddenly. I wonder what she seen so I got down in the same level as her. I saw nothing. Then I open the door for her. she run out and then she passed the wooden table, she start to slow down, Walk with her toes as quiet as she can. Her face look up all the time while she is doing that.

She walks quiet to the fence and her face still look up. I followed her because I really want to know what is up there.

Ahh..har ! above my garage, is another cat, she is the old cat of my next door

She sat down there, not moving !

Both of them just look to each other but no one is moving for 15 min.

And then I got close to my visitor, she just suddenly get up and rubs the side of her face along my leg again and again by looking that cat at all time. Yes, she is marking me, identifying me as her private property, saying to that cat " she belongs to me ". 

Unbelievable !!! my visitor got jealous !

No reaction from another visitor, the old cat just look at us and then she leave.

Unexpected for my visitor so she got up there, follow where the old cat is gone.

and then my visitor just sat down there. I guess, she saw the old cat in her house. And may be that is the end of the border between my house and my next door ( for the cats )

And then I call her " Come on..back to mama ! " 


ksdoolittle said...

Cats make such wonderful pets. They are so entertaining! ~karen

Dianne said...

this is a great adventure story :)

I love their sweet faces

Boom Nisanart said...

Thank you to stop by. : )

cat said...

Lovely cat photos :)

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