Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 4

She didn't come for four days ! I do miss her. My husband asked me " Are you really want a cat ? "  He asked me because I do look so sad. I answered " I don't know, I just knew I miss her " I knew my husband love her not less than me. We both fall in love with her. She has visited us for 3 months, every single day. She used to disappear for a couple day but not this long. I'm not sure what is happened with her.

I has never want to have any cats but her. But I have to accept she is not belong to us. Now, It is so real for me when she is not turn up almost a week. I used to think if I get my own cat, she might be upset. But now I am upsetting myself because I miss her so much.

Now, I might have to think about it " get my own cat ". I just realized at the end ( next 10 years ), we is going to move back to my original country. We need our own cats. 

Now, We planed to get a pair of cat so they can keep their own companies while we go to work. And of course, they are going to be her breed

But it can't be so soon because I need time to make sure I am available to the new cats to adjust themselves to their new home. And another person who gave me a real good advice about the new cats is EJ from the chair speaks. Thank you so much EJ.


Jacqueline said...

We really hope Puddy comes back to visit soon, we know you miss her...We think you should get a few kitties of your own when you feel ready; and once you meet your kitty babies, you will know they were meant for you!...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Boom Nisanart said...

Thank you so much Jacqueline. You has been supported me everyday.

Anzu said...

I understand how you feel. (゚ーÅ)

Meanwhile, Please find your true Love !
(A cat of your destiny)

Referring back to my experience,
cats are more available to keep than any other animals.
They can keep clean by themselves.
They love human as a associate but also love a solitude.
it's convenient for persons who are away a lot.
I think short coat cats are cheerful and
long coat cats are peaceful, and moreover
Neuter(male) cats tend to depend on us forever.

The Chair Speaks said...

You are most welcome Boom. I am glad to be of help.

Before Tanya became mine permanently, she was kidnapped by her previous owner (who abandoned her) because she became beautiful after I took her to the vet for treatment. Each time Tanya would find ways and means to come back to me. I found out about it when the previous owner's servant told me.
I have not posted her story yet. It is even longer than Noel's.

If I were you, I would pretend to take a walk round the neighbourhood everyday but my eyes and ears will be on the alert to look out and listen for any sights and sounds of Puddy!

Anna said...

Hope Puddy returns soon. I am joining Pet Pride with my post for ABCWednesday-C, as in 'C is for CATS!'
Best wishes,
Anna's C-word

Boom Nisanart said...

Anzu, That is wonderful information for me. It's great to hear it from your experience.. Thank you

EJ, Thank you again to share your experience to me..I can't wait to hear everything about Tanya.

Anna, No worry I am on my way to your blog : )

Please have a wonderful weekend, everyone

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