Saturday, August 28, 2010

Go Wild

Puddy been with us every night and every day right now. So she has proper eats from us. Not a little bit like when she visits me and then go home.

Everyday, I will feed her with dried food and wet food ( Fish from can or Pet meat ). She has been enjoy eating till last week. She start not to eat any wet food at all.

Most of the time, I have to throw away the wet food because she didn't touch it. She used to love it a lots ( see the picture below : Pet mince in the bag ). I'm not worry about her eating because she eat a lots of dry food instead but it's just waste wet food.

You can see the level of the mince in the bag is not much left. So I decide to open the new one ( in the package ), I think if she does not touch it again, I will not buy it anymore. After I put the meat in the bowl. She quickly eat it, she love this meat and asks it for more and more. I really happy to see her enjoy the food.
I was back to my notebook. She came to me and start to bite and grab me with her sharp claws. I was hurt then I was chasing her. She ran away to the TV table, hit the things I did put near TV. The things that dropped down on the floor made me realize " I did scare her ". I stop, she ran to bedroom and hind under the bed for almost an hours. She did upset, I guess. 

To chasing her, I did not mean to hurt her, I just want to grab her and tell her off. But now I knew I shouldn't done that. It look like she used to been chased by someone and been hit after that. Because she was very upset. She was not move stay still under the bed. I feel very sorry what I have done to her.
After an hour I did push her till I can grab her, hug her and tell her I sorry. I doesn't know she did understand or not. I just know she walked away from me so many times and that was hurt me too. But I deserve it. 

Finally, Dr Harry from Better Home and Garden ( TV Show last night ) save me. She forgot about what I have done to her . It has the cats on the TV. She was so interested and watched it so close.

After that I guess, she forgave me because she can lied down on me and let me pat her till the time I go to bed. But she still mad at me in some way so she chose to sleep on the little bed on the floor not on my bed.

This morning, she came to wake me up at 5.30 am., I told my husband to feed her then I back to sleep ( If we not feed her, she keep come back to wake me up ). My husband is a morning person so he don't mind to do it. He shut my door make sure she can't come back to wake me up. Then he feed her.
7 am. she scratch my door. It was so annoy so I open the door for her then I got back to bed to sleep more. Puddy jump up to my bed, she came straight to me at my pillow. Then she sat down next to my head and start to lick me at my cheek. I let she do it as usual and then she start to grab my head, put my face to her tummy. Then She pin my head by her paw made sure my head was not moving, and then she lick my hair. It's so sweet but I can't stay for long because I can't breath , her hair fill up my nose. So I tell her " alright...alright I wake up now, miss Puddy ! "

I asked my husband " did you feed her ? " He say " yeah, I feed her the mince but she not eat it . and she scratch the living room door to see you but I didn't open it and I told her to go another way and she is smart ! she went in another way and scratched your door " then my husband smile. I asked him " which meat did you feed her " He answered " In the bag " I say " That's why she wake me up, she want another one in the package " and then I told my husband how she woke me up, He just laugh : D

But one thing, I notice about feed the meat .. After she's been feed, she always go wild. Like she want to  play in the aggressive way but when I feed her fish, no problem. so I'm not sure it's the cause or not.


Katnip Lounge said...

We think you are right about Puddy...she may have been abused. But she certainly wanted to love on you in the morning. We are real pests to our Mommy, too! And we bite Daddy's toes to get him up!

Boo-Bah said...

We are sorry that she shows signs of being abused. I hope she will feel the love you give her, and learn to trust.

Jacqueline said...

So sorry Puddy was abused; she is very lucky to have you guys...She loves you so much!...Happy weekend, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

The Lee County Clowder said...

How sure are you that Puddy even has another home? She isn't wearing a collar that we can see, and she is acting about the way some of us did before we were 'officially adopted' by our Food Source.

It is possible she either was abandoned, or strayed away from her home, and is living on the streets now.

GreatGranny said...

Feeding cats red meat may be bringing out the wild in her. She sounds like a sweet loving cat. I enjoyed the post.

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