Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stalking my cat visitor

Another day, my cat visitor still didn't turn up at my place !

but I still got some photos of her which can tell you the story. It's not a good clear photo because my camera can't take a good shot at low light and I don't like to use the flash with her. Here the story...

The first stalking ( a month ago )

Of course, I want to know where she live. After she knocked the door and ready to go back to her own home, We let her out from the back door like normal we do. And then I ran to my front door. I got out and saw her walk home. but my front yard fill with small pebbles so when I walked, it made some noise.

She heard it and suddenly turn her face to me. Yes, I got caught ! She know straight away what I'm up to. So she ran back to me. And then she jumped on top of my fence.. sat there and not moving !

Finally, I gave up because it's cold outside. I can't stand there forever. It's winter ! When she saw me walked back to my front door, she ran home as quick as she can. And then she just disappear so the first stalking was fail !!!! but I am not give up !


The second stalking ( a couple week ago )

This time, I have to be very careful. I let her go from my back door and then I waited about 5 min. then I got out from my front door. No sign of her on the street, I walk up to the second house on my street ( See link : the suspected house A ),

I did walk slow to search her at the front of every single houses till I reach to the second house of my street. I saw her there, she sat at the front yard waiting for her owner come back home. Two cars parked at the front but no one was home. It's dark outside but no light did turn on inside. So this is it . This is her home !


Then she say " Meaw ! " I say " Bye " and then I walk back to my house, she followed me home again. I took her inside. And tell her " You can wait here, it's nice and warm. I promise, I am not gonna kidnap you even I want to. When you want to go, you tell me. you knock the door, and then I let you go, ok ? "

after that she spent time with us a little bit and then she knocked the back door. I let her go and I say to her like normally I do " Love you, Puddy !...Come back tomorrow, ok. ? "

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Jacqueline said...

I hope you see beautiful Puddy again soon; she is very lucky to have you...Happy week friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

The Chair Speaks said...

Well, we can't be sure if that is Puddy's home or she is just visiting like she visits you.
Have to do more stalking! Or the direct approach - ask the humans! :)

Gattina said...

Hehehe ! what an exciting story ! I think you are the first person who sneaks behind a cat ! Although I am sure that Arthur was followed too as he has his own human friends in the neighborhood too. Once a lady told me that she couldn't make her bed because Arthur slept in it !

Boom Nisanart said...

Thank you for all of you : )

EJ, Thank for your advice. I think it's a good idea to knock their door..You might be kidding but I am a bit crazy..I might do it : )

Gattina, Yes, it sound silly to stalking the cat but I am crazy enough to do it : )

Julie said...

I'm sure Puddy will come visiting soon, she sure is a beauty!

AL said...

The cat visitor looks like Prudence when she was just a visitor but now she's a member of the family!

Ginger said...

She is beautiful with her long hair.

Cat-toure Cat Clothes said...

She looks like Pepe Le Peu, but very cute: http://www.cat-toure.com

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