Friday, August 20, 2010

When she stinks

I use a damp warm towel to clean her when she stink. She doesn't like it, She always run away to the back door. She can't safe herself from a damp tower because I did close the door : )

This is after I did clean her. She smell better and ready to be kiss : )
Do anyone know ? Can I use some drops of cooking essence on the towel to clean cats ( like Rose water essence ) ? I want to use it because it give a better smell but I do worry about she will lick herself after all. I try to find info but I got none. I don't do shampoo her because it is winter. If you get some great ideas please give me some clues..will be very appreciate, Thank you for advance


Jacqueline said...

I have only washed their little butts a few times with soap and water; they don't like it, but I try to dry them off good and they do stay in the house...J
kisses to beautiful Puddy...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

The Chair Speaks said...

I usually give my cats a full bath but they do not leave home.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Stinky Girl~!!! MOL!!! Our mom uses soap and water on us when we need a scrubbing. She uses a sensitive skin type. She uses Dove. Have a happy weekend!

Anzu said...

Girls-cat tend to like brushing.
It's effective to clean her coat by the brush which sprayed with freshener and sterile filtration very own for animals.
Please try it ♪

Anna said...

I never do anything with my cats' fur. Sometimes I brush them, but never bathe them. With one exception: When Cajsa became very ill with high fever, I dabbed her face and body with a round flat cotton make-up cleaner that I had dampened with water that I had first boiled and added a little bit of salt to and then let cool. She was too sick and weak to wash herself and her coat became quickly matted and dull. I think she liked me to wash her like that. It is the closest you can come to immitating a mother-cat licking her kittens.

Happily Cajsa survived thanks to antibiotics and extra liquid from the vet and my constant care. I took her home and cared for her.

That was seven years ago! And she is still with us! I am happy for each day I have her. Cajsa is my 'soul-cat'; she got a depth to her personality that she did not have as a kitten.

Hugs from

Boom Nisanart said...

Nothing is best like getting the advice from all cat's owner's because you are all love cats in your soul.

Thank you so much for sharing your great care of cat to me.

I am pretty new for cat lover. I just found " one of a kind of love " with her, my cat visitor.

My friend who used to have cats, He said to me " Boom, Cats bring love to our life, It's good to have cats. " It's really happen. She brought love to my family : )

The Lee County Clowder said...

There are 'cat wipes' around that are kinda like (and maybe exactly are) baby wipes. No idea how much they cost or how much trouble you would have to go through to get some.

You could try some no-tears baby shampoo if you need something more serious. You would probably want to rinse it out before you let her finish cleaning herself up.

Dawn dishwashing detergent is supposed to be mild enough to use on animals. We've even heard people who suggest using it on kittens as a flea treatment. Again, you probably would need to rinse it out.

Does this kittie have a home? Do you know?

Boom Nisanart said...

The Lee County Clowder,
Thank you for your advice and she does have home, You can read my old posted from this link :
Everyday Cat Visitor: Replied from her owner !

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