Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yesterday Nap at the front yard

" Front yard is not bad at all "

" Nice sun , Beautiful sky "

" Nice and warm here...umm.."

" z..z...z...z..zzz "

Then my husband can't help himself, go to annoy her again.
Then he get inside,  he shut the metal gate " Bang !!"

" Goodness ! , I think I can have a better nap here "

" It's alright, Let's try again ....z..z...z..z..z " 
Then she about to sleep, Someone walks a little dog passed my front.
The dog can smell the cat. He barks my Puddy.

She suddenly jump up
 " HISS...S..S !!! "
Little dog run away.

" Never Ever nap here...Ever again !!! "

" I'm going to nap in the backyard..better ! "

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LV said...

Your little kitty really had a bad day today. That was a great idea for your post. Thank you for visiting my place.

The Chair Speaks said...

LOL! Puddy found out the hard way!

Jacqueline said...

Great photos=Puddy is so gorgeous and she looks wonderful in her "jungle" :)...Hope she finally got that nap=happy dreams, sweet girl...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Jossie said...

Puddy is an adorable and beautiful cat. You must be proud that the lady chose your garden for her naps and defends it against indtruders;-)

Boo-Bah said...

Puddy is so pretty. We hope she finally got to have her nap and had sweet dreams.
Lovely pictures.

Sharon Wagner said...

Nap interuptus.

Shey said...

Very humorous read. Love the series of photos & getting to know Puddy. :)

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