Saturday, December 4, 2010

What do you think about cat's immune system ?

( Photo of me two days ago )

I just got these the day after mom landed on her hip. Because I tried to get home in the new way ( From the back of the garage ) while it was rain. It's just a little dot above one of my eyes. My mom got panic but my dad said nothing to worry about. It's a part of being a boy.

He doesn't take me to the VET. Not because he doesn't care about me but my dad think should let my immune system works on it. That's what my dad did that to my human sister too when nothing is major.

Finally mom agree with him because all of them grew up like that and they are healthy. A lot of people might think should not let me out and keep me indoor because it's safer. But my parents can't do that to me. Because they want me to be happy and got a freedom like other cats around here. It's a bit risky in some ways but they knew I love freedom same as them.

When my mom look at my swelling eye. She said she is a bit worry and then today she saw my eyes in the morning. It's getting better. It look normal. She is happy about it. My dad always told her " Don't worry about him, he is a boy "

( Photo of me today )

Information Link : Anatomy and Function of Immune System In CatsHow to Improve a Cat's Immune System


Cat said...

Hopefully it is nothing serious Mr. Puddy and you continue to improve :-)

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Siamo veramente molto spiacenti di ciò che è accaduto, ma siamo felici che il tuo occhio oggi stia molto meglio.
Buona serata :))

ABBY said...

Our Mom worries about every small thing with we try to make sure we stay healthy.



Stacy Hurt said...

Your da is very saavy to let you heal yourselfs at first. Then if it gets worse or infected, the dreaded V.E.T. trip. With all the cats That Woman has had she has learned that too. Plus she says if she had to run each time there was a fight between us to 'make sure' it's something small, we would not have money for foodz! I always vote for more foodz.

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

by the way; let me introduce our house group...

There's ME, Ms. Stella (the most important Queen) Then there's Miss Jack our pied like you but wif short hairs; then Miss Scraps who is sadly the omega to my Alpha status. Then the two foster kitties who are pure bred Bengal cats who's owners didn't want them anymore so we look after them till new owers can be found. They are Miss Jenga (who has a note up today) and Mr. Larry who is the all obnoxious boycat who yowls at the least little thing and seems to think HE should be boss. Ppphhhhfftt, Ya, RIght!

Nice to meet you!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

We hope you are doing all right.
Our Mom is opposite! We are all inside and yet she takes us to vet for everything.
Happy Weekend to you, you are very handsome!
~ Anna Sue

Katnip Lounge said...

MOL! It's the opposite at our house. Mommy is "wait and see" and Daddy wants to cart us off the the vet for everything! We approve of Mommy's approach MUCH more.

Cindy said...

I hope you will heal quickly and you will be careful in the future.

Caren Gittleman said...

Mr Puddy, you get into more mischief than any cat I know!

Please be look good to me...I am sure your parents know best!

OKcats said...

You are very much loved, Mr. Puddy! Our mom lets us heal on our own unless it looks infected or if we're in pain or really uncomfortable. That's what she does for herself, too - she avoids antibiotics unless it's a serious infection. Pills and doctors stink! :)

Old Kitty said...

And a beautiful and independent boy you are too Mr Puddy!!!!

Please look after mum because of her hip!!

Big hugs and purrs, take care

Eric and Flynn said...

Our mum lets us heal on our own too unless it looks bad and then we get stuffed into the PTU and carted off to the vet.

Au and Target said...

You've got a sensible daddy and very nice parents to think about your needs so carefully. We only go to the vet when the immune system lets us down too - saves on stress, plus, too much medicine for little things can cause problems for times when you really need them.

The Island Cats said...

Our mom wants to take us to the v-e-t whenever anything goes wrong...she's a big worry-wart...she has to force herself not to everytime...we hope you are doing better, Mr. Puddy.

The Chair Speaks said...

Ahh, it's good that Puddy heals by himself.
Since we are indoors all the time and if this happen to us, our human will use a damp cotton wool to clean the wound and observe for a few days. We have our own first aid kit box with antiseptic lotion, syringes, etc. If it get worse, EJ will phone the vet (clinic has EJ's number registered on their phone) to discuss the matter.

Kas said...

Yes there is a lot to be said for a cats immune sytem and their resilience too. You will be fine, get your mum and dad to check out Homeopathy for cats, worth a read as a lot of good advice.

Whisppy said...

Your Dad sounds just like our Daddy, Mr Puddy! We're glad you are okay. At least your Mum can rest properly now.
Our Mummy worries endlessly about all of us too! I wonder if it's a "Mum" thing?

Carolyon said...

My Abbey is just the same. Always worrying but tries to take a step back and allow me to play - I think she finds it very hard.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mr Puddy,
Yeah...don't let small things worry you. purrrr....meow!

Batu said...

It's true - I am a boy too and I have heaps of cuts and scratches all over me!!!

Father Tom said...

We agree with dad. The body has a great capacity for healing itself. (He said this probably because he was an old soldier) Puddy, you look much better, handsome as ever! Hope mom didn't hurt hurt herself too badly!


Anzu said...

Your mother is worried about you.
You'll have some explaining to do when your mother gets you at home.
I hope your scrapes heal fast.

Lucy the Cat said...

I hope everything is ok, Mr. Puddy! There are worry-warts at this house too.

The outdoor issue is a tricky one. It's nice if kitties can run around a little, but we're not allowed to except for our enclosed balcony. Mama worries about cars, people and other animals.

Keep mending, Pud! You still look cute. :)

Cory said...

Mr. Puddy, we understand how it is...our mom is a wait and see person and our dad is a haul us off to the vet at the first sign of a sniffle. We think between the 2 it works out ok.

We will purr for you to heal up just fine without having to go to the v-e-t!

Jacqueline said...

We hope you and your Mommy continue to heal well and feel much better soon....kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Gattina said...

If I would worry each time when Arthur comes home with a bleeding ear or scratches, I would be sick by now. It's normal that they have some fights especially when they are males and defend their territory. You can't lock in a child either only to keep it safe. I honnestly don't know one single person here who keeps their cats inside. Of course if you are living in a jungle or wilderniss with cat eating creatures around it would be different !

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