Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My 1st Gotcha Day

Yep ! today it's my 1st Gotcha Day !
It's a big day for me and my family

Some of you already know I was a cat visitor. and I did live next 3 doors of my mom.
I was her neighbour's cat !

Today is not the day I adopted my pawrents. But it's the day my pawrent adopted me.
We have a different day of adoption. I adopted them before they adopted me.
I had been visit them since January 2010 and then I fall in love with mom and dad.

I knew they love me too. But to make sure I can move in.
I had to made my pawrents get all things cat need into their house like Cat food ( Not Human left over ) , Cat Toy, Litter Tray but how I can made that happen ? You can read my full  story by click here : My Story

And when everything was ready for me, I move in by sleep over and never returned to my old home.
I may visit my ex-owners some times but I won't eat there and I don't sleep with them.
I adopted my pawrents and my sis two weeks before they adopted me.

But the human's adopted version wasn't easy like me !

Here, This is my adoption's story ( Human Version )

After I slept with my pawrents every nights and not go back to my ex-owner house.

Mom feel guilty !

She felt like she steal me from my ex-owner. Actually it was Me ! I didn't want to go. Mom think she should do the right thing by asking my ex-owner to adopted me.

But Everyone told mom it was no way. Everyone love their own cats. If she asked for adopted me, my ex-owners might feel upset, And she should get her own cat.

Mom didn't want to adopt other cats because she thought if she adopted other cats , I might not come to visit her anymore. But dad told her there was our way to solve the problem. Because one day, if my ex-owners move the house or she and dad have to move. I was only a cat visitor, I'm not able to move with them. So Dad thought they should adopt their own kitten ( Dad love the kitten )

My dad asked Smudge's dad where they got Smudge ( My neighbour's cat who is a tuxedo like me ) They got Smudge as a present so they don't know where Smudge came from.

So dad was told mom to go to ask my ex-owner where they got me. But Mom got no clue where I live. She started to stalking me ! ( Yep you heard it right, she did stalk me ! ) If you are interesting how human stalked the cat click to read here : Stalking my cat visitor

Finally, Mom know where I live, she left the letter to my ex-owner without knowing my ex-owners went to oversea. and That time, They asked a cat sitter to look after me. ( It's the same time, I start to sleep over with mommy and daddy. ) Some days, Cat Sitter locked me in, My mom miss me so much. She said that time, she was suffer a lots.

After my ex-owner came back from oversea, she replied my mom.

That's when my mom know about Ingrid's Heaven. Mom looked at her website but she couldn't get over me. She knew all her heart, she didn't want any kittens, or any cats. She only want me. 

Everyday, she kept searching for adopted kittens. She found lots of cats but she couldn't make up her mind !

One day, she came across" Lost and Found " website.

I have been advertised !!!

Mom was overwhelmed !

She said she knew it ! She knew we are belongs to each others ! This is a great sign for her !!!
Everyone didn't understand her at all, They think my mom had gone crazy. What's sign ?

Mom said that's advertising shows I never been chosen by my ex-owners and they never been chosen by me. It was accident . They rescued me but they didn't plan to have me. and My ex-owners already have 2 cats before me which they adopted them from Ingrid's Heaven ( Shelter )

Mom sent the message to my ex-owner.

and this is what my ex-owner replied.

and then my mom got all my papers from my ex-owners plus my microchip. When she leaved their house, mom found me waiting at the front door and then we walk home together. 20 September 2010, she did register me as her cat. And I stay with my pawrents ever since. As if I know this is my home, and they are my pawrents.

Today is the day, Me and my family know we will be together forever : )

And you know what ?
My dad and my mom or even my mom's friends still ask each other the same question.

" How do I know this is my house ?
How do I know I have been adopted ?
And How do I know I have to come home every night ?
 I just live next 3 doors from my old house ! "

Easy Answers !
Cat always know where love is : )
I love my mom and dad and I knew they love me so much.

For celebrated my big day, Mom did donate to my ex-owner's shelter, Ingrid Haven. Mom said If my ex-owners didn't have my sister and my brother ( cats ) from Ingrid. This gotcha day may not happen. and we hope today many cats will get adopted and find a happy forever home like me !

and I just received the calendar 2012 and a lovely card from Ingrid's Heaven !
Thank you Ingrid.
This is very special present for my gotcha day : )

Thanks to all my friends to come here today : )




Kitcaboodles said...

Oh Puddy I can't even put into words how much I love love love love LOVE your story!! I hope you have the bestest Gotcha Day a kitty has ever had!!! =^..^=

meowmeowmans said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Puddy! We are so glad you and your parents adopted each other. :)

Kjelle Bus said...

I´m so glad that you adopted your parents or the other way around ?
Never mind witch :)

Hooray Hooray on your gotcha gotcha day !
If you could leave sound messages here , you would have heard that the music to the text is Boney M

HAPPY 1:st GOTCHA DAY Mr Puddy , mom and dad !!!

XOXO Kjelle Bus

Lucy the Cat said...

This is the best love story I've read!! Mr. Puddy, your mom and daddy's love for you come out in all your posts (as well as your love for them). Happy Gotcha Day to all three of you!

The Monkeys said...

We think your story is very romantic and we're very happy you ended up with your Mom and Dad! Happy Gotcha Day, Puddy!

Ginger Jasper said...

Puddy this is such a lovely story and you were surly meant to be with your mum and dad. Happy Gotcha day to you all.. Hugs GJ xx

Lily said...

Happy Gotcha day Puddy!!! You're right where you're supposed to be!!! Thanks for sharing your pawsome story! ((HUGS))

Stacy Hurt said...

Your story makes me all leaky eyed. Good thing YOU knew where you was supposed to be. You is one in a million Puddy!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

A few Good Cats said...

Puddy, all of us Good Cats love your story and admire your determination to get what you wanted and deserve! Happy Gotcha Day, and we wish you many more happy years to come!

Willow said...

Mr. Puddy when you are meant to be in a home the signs would appear. I am so glad that you choose such a special home with your Mom and Dad. Have a very Happy Gotcha Day.

ellie said...

Wot a purrfect story with a wonderful ending! So glad you choose such a great home with loving mom and dad :)

CaroScat said...

Mr P your story makes me proud of us tuxies. You are sure one decisive mancat who knows his own mind! I chose my people too when they came to the rescue centre. I saw all other cats were just sitting not taking notice of two nice ladies, so I scratch on the window to them all the time so they would not forget me? It worked as you know.

your tuxie pal Austin >^,,^<

Poppy said...

Such a lovely story, I am so pleased you are living with your lovely humans, and that you love them as much as they love you :) Misty sends her love, I will find some photos of her and put them on my blog :)

Old Kitty said...

Mr Puddy!!! Wow. What a story!! What an amazing gotcha day story! Me and Charlie think this could be a book or something! We love that your mum knew she was your mum from day one. You knew you were her son even before!! We love all the twists and turns before you and mum were brought together! We are so so glad your ex-humans were kind and sensible enough to set you free so you could be with your real mum! Yay!!

We think you should have two gotcha days! One for you and mum!!


And YAY for Ingrid's Heaven!!! Wonderful!!!

Take care

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

HAPPY GOTCHA!!! What a lovely story my friend, and so true. Home is where the love is.

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

Oh, where to begin? We are kinda sad you lives all the way in Aussieland cuz we would like to shake your paw. Such a wonderous cat you are! We were on the edge of our seats reading your story and we so think it could be made into a feature length film (of course, your mom and dad do the most fantastical 'movie' posters and we have so enjoyed all the pirate ones today!). We send our purrs and meows across the oceans to you on your special day!

Marg said...

Oh Mr. Puddy, that brought tears to Mom's eyes. That is such a great story. It just goes to show, that you were meant to be in your home. I am so glad that you are there and have such a great home with humans that love you so much. You deserve that. What a great story. Take care.

Sparkle said...

Happy gotcha day, Mr. Puddy! This just shows how much smarter we kitties are than humans - you already knew where your home was, and the humans had to turn it into a long, complicated process! Humans need to take lessons from us cats!

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Mr. Puddy, you are quite the story teller! We're so happy for you happy Gotcha celebrations!

Mark's Mews said...

What a great Gotcha Day story, Mr Puddy! It werked out so well!

Glogirly and Katie said...

Oh Puddy...Glogirly here. I had to pry the keyboard out of Katie's paws so I could tell you myself how much your story has touched my heart. True love always prevails and you and your wonderful family are a loving testament. I knew from the moment I started reading your words that you have a huge heart full of love.

Happy Gotcha Day, Puddy!
You are loved by many.
Including me.
...and my silly cat Katie.

xo Glogirly

The Cat Guy said...

Cat Knows Best! Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Puddy!

MaryMatthews said...

Happy Gotcha Day to You and Your Family, Mr. Puddy!

Cat with a Garden said...

Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Mr. Puddy! You have a very special story indeed!

Sweet Purrfections said...

What a lovely Gotcha Day story. You were meant to be with your current mom and dad!


Fuzzy Tales said...

"Cat always know where love is."

Oh, Puddy, that made our mom's eyes all leaky. It's so true, and you have a wonderful forever home with much love.

Happy, happy Gotcha Day!

Daisy said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Puddy! I love your Gotcha story, it proves how much your mom dearly loved you. It was fate!

Brian said...

Some things are just meant to be Mr. Puddy, and you and Mom and Dad are meant to be! Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Puddy!!!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Puddy, your Gotcha story gave mommy leaky eyes. She loves you so much and so do I. I KNOW your pawrents love you and for sure..you love them just as much. This makes silly mommy so happy. Your story was just like a diamond shining in the sun. Same as you and your family are. Love you Puddy.

Tamago said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Puddy!! Your story is incredible!! You are so special and we hope you have wonderful day.
And I loved your pirate photo!! I saw your mom's graphic in many other blog pages today and they are gorgeous!! She is so talented but I know she could not do without your help ;-)

Katnip Lounge said...

Mr. Puddy, we haven't the heart to be sarcastic (as per usual) after reading your lovely post so we'll be sentimental instead;

We LOVE LOVE LOVE you and we are so happy that you chose your Forever Home so well! We are happy reading your posts every day. Happy First Blogaversary, dear Puddy, and may you celebrate many many more.


We loved reading your story. We remember when you from before you were Mr Puddy and we know you made the right choice in finding your forever family.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Karen and Gerard said...

That is a wonderful happy story. We are so glad you found such a loving family! Hope you enjoy many years together! Happy gotcha day!

Repositório said...

Oh Puddy, a very special cat with two Gotcha Days! I love so much to learn more about yoy!
Kisses kisses

m.q said...

happy gotcha day Mr Puddy
brilliant tuxie mancat!!!

William said...

What a neat story, Mr. Puddy. Happy Gotcha Day!

Deb Barnes / Zee and Zoey said...

Oh Mr. Puddy - our human is so chocked up and her eyes are so full of salty water, she can hardly type. What a wonderful Gotcha Story with the best ever happy ending!! Meows and purrs...
Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz

The Island Cats said...

Oh Mr. Puddy! What a great story!! We knew that you started out just visiting your now mom and dad but we didn't know the whole story of how you got gotted!! It was meant to be!! Happy Happy Gotcha Day!!

Oui Oui said...

Mr Puddy, love stories are always the best! Happy Gotch Day! Its grest when you get to pick your own family!

Fin said...

I started reading your blog when you were just a visitor and I was and am so happy you were officially gotcha-ed! We are so happy for all of you!

Keisha said...

O hai! Happy Gotcha Day! I am so happy for u and ur family. U are an awesome kitteh. :) :) :)

Poppy Q said...

Happy gotchaversary Mr Puddy, you chose a great family. Mums old girl Puss Angel did the same thing, she came over and adopted mum for herself, and never went home. Mum never found her new owners.

Julie and Poppy Q

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Oh Puddy and Puddy-Mom: You were MADE FOR EACH OTHER! Even your ex-owner knew it! It was meant to be!

Ur pal, Spitty

Tober the Cat said...

What a great story, Mr. Puddy! I'm so glad you Gotcha'd your humans--I can tell you're super-loved! Happy Gotcha Day!

Makropoulos said...

Pisi and Squeak are wishing you a very happy Gotcha Day! We love your story!

BeadedTail said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Puddy! We loved reading your story and believe it's fate that you found your mom and dad! It sure was complicated before you officially became their boy but we're so glad it all worked out and you have such a loving home!

Derby, Ducky said...

Happy gotcha day Mr Puddy!

The Cat From Hell said...

What a great story Mr Puddy! Me knows cats pick their peoples!
What a wonderful year!

Mariodacat said...

Happy Gotcha Day buddy. Dat is such a touching story. We're so happy your found your pawrents instead of the ex-owners. They were not a good fit for you at all. Besides, if you hadn't adopted your pawrents, we never would have met. Dat would make me terribly sad.

Punapippuri said...

Happy happy gotcha day , King Kitty Cat of Some Street, Melbourne. That is an amazing story. Truly amazing. It just shows how you were meant to be with your mum and dad. And they utterly love you to bits.
And we adore you too - you are one popular kitty cat. We hope they spoil you rotten on this special day.

Laura and Jet Dragon said...

Happy gotcha day, Mr. Puddy! What a wonderful story of true love. You knew who your family was all along!

Laura and Taffy

Whisppy said...

Awwww. What a wonderful story! Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Mr Puddy!

Prancer Pie said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Puddy! We luf your story! We smile and cry each time we read it. You are much-loved. xoxo

Princess Jasmine said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mr Puddy. What a wonderful Gotcha story. You are one lucky kitty and your pawrents must be so happy to have you with them for ever and ever and ever and ever :)xx

Kwee Cats said...

Happy, happy, happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Puddy! That's a wonderful Gotcha Day story. We so glad you found your fur-ever home. And you are right - we do know where the love is, maybe that's why we like you so much :-)

Fluffy and Heather said...

I know everyone else has said the same thing already, but it's true - your story is amazing! I too believe that there is an invisible thread that binds cats and humans who are meant to be together. You can just sense it, like you can sense a good husband or best friend. :) Make the most of this wonderful day with your loving family!

MoMo said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr Puddy! We are so happy that you and your pawrents found each other. It is meant to be!!!

Have a great day and many, many more to come!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Oooh...Mr Puddy... first thing first: HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!! your story makes us all leaky eyed...especially my Mama. Oh yes...cats know where the love is. so very true. purrr....meow!

Gattina said...

Happy Gotcha day ! I followed your story since the beginning when you still were "only" a visitor ! What a happy end !!

Huffle Mawson said...

Happy gotcha day Mr Puddy! Aren't you lucky your mum and dad lived in that house?

Max the Quilt Cat said...

OH...oh... I just lost my comment....

I guess I'm so moved by your story, I'm all paws. Anyway, beautiful story of your adoption. You all were meant to be together and I'm so glad you found each other. Happy, Happy Gotcha Day.

Also, I wanted to tell you that I love that wonderful photo at the beginning of the post. It's gorgeous.

pawhugs, Max

Jacqueline said...

Happy Gotcha Day, handsome Puddy~~we are so glad you found your loving, wonderful family!...It was meant to be!!...We hope you and your pawrents enjoy a lovely celebration of togetherness today and everyday!...We love you very much, precious friend...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

We love LUNA said...

Dear Mr. Puddy you are adorable!Happy Gotcha Day, lots of love to your heart and thanks for sharing this amazing, YOUR AMAZING, story!
Wonderful post!

Father Tom said...

Puddy, what a lucky, lucky cat you are and a Happy Gotcha Day to you!

Your mom went through a lot to make sure she could have you, but you knew all along. We cats always know humans' true feelings, don't we?

Enjoy celebrating your Gotcha Day today and may you have many, many more with all happy days in between!

Hugs & nosetaps,
Julie & Tom

ArtemisiaFSS said...

Happiest of Gotcha Days Mr. Puddy. We just love your story. On the way over to help you celebrate.

Anzu said...

It was the commemorable first day for all of us. You became our hero since that day !
(^-^)(-^ )(^ )( )( ^)( ^-) (゚∇^*)v⌒☆
Now, we can't live without you, Mr.Puddy ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*

Fisher and Staff said...

We are all sniffling our noses here because you have written such a lovely, loving, story. We are so happy for you and your family that they Gotcha!
Hugs, happiness and peace, always.

Madi and Mom said...

Mr. Puddy and family...what a truly amazing and touching story of how you came to be known as Mr. Puddy....give Mom a hug and tell her we enjoyed reading her post today.
Madi and Mom

ZOOLATRY said...

Mr Puddy: this is without doubt the most wonderful gotcha story we have ever, ever read. You are one lucky kitty ~ with some very lucky pawrents! Happy Gotcha Day ...
Maggy & Zoey
(PS from Zoey, guess I'm unlucky, they didn't even remember my gotcha day!)

Cat said...

Wow Puddy what a story!!! Happy Gotcha Day :-)

CCL Wendy said...

It's hard to believe it's only been one year since your new family adopted you, Mr. Puddy! That's quite the story, and what it tells me is that you were meant to be together.

So, Happy First Gotcha Day! And may you have many, many happy and healthy years ahead surrounded by all that love!

Your Mom certainly has made you famous. Your blog is fantastic!

-d ma said...

what a great story. we love happy endings. happy g day.

Cory said...

I just love your Gotcha Day story Puddy!!!

I remember when you were just visiting, but I had a feeling that you would be moving in a officially Gotcha'd!!!

Big purrs to you today on your special day!

xoxo Cory and family

Hannah and Lucy said...

Mr Puddy what an amazing Gotcha Day story - we think you are a very lucky mancat to have such a loving home complete with a new Mum and Dad - mind you we know they think they are the lucky ones!
Have a great day
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

sheldon said...

Happy Gotcha Day

Purrfect Haven said...

we remember so well all of this and were on tender hooks during it all, hoping your gotcha day would come true and you could move in officially. Lovely to revisit the events of that time. Love Darcy, Bingley and Helen xxx

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

Happy Gotcha Day! Enjoy! Cats are smart and you've chosen wisely. I went back and read your original story and it made my day. Everyone loves a happy ending.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Happy, Happy Gotcha Day!!!
Love you!
~ The Bunch

Kay L. Davies said...

You are so lucky to have found your parents, and they are so lucky you found them.
We are so happy we found Lindy at SOS Pet Rescue here in Alberta. Love always wins with cats and dogs.
— Kay and Lindy

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

LP said...

Happy Gotcha Day Puddy! We think you chose the best pawrents you could ever choose!! :) Isn't it wonderful when love conquers all?!!
We are happy to know you and for your special day we are sending over a barrel of nip fresh from our garden to you :p

the critters in The Cottage xoxoxo

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Puddy. You have such an interesting story. And your mom is funny stalking you.

Forty Paws said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Puddy! That is a very inchresing story!

Luf, Us

SuziQCat said...

Mr Puddy, that's a great story. We are so happy you chose your home and it is a good one. Happy Gotcha Day!

~Four Crazy Cats

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Oh Mr. Puddy!! We knew you when you were the everyday Visitor!! We are so glad your Mom & Dad took you in and became your parents!! We so enjoy your blog!!~
Your TX furiends,

The Whiskeratti said...

What a great Gotcha Day story! We're so glad y'all found each other. May you have many happy, wonderful years ahead.

SAS....Sammy, Andy and Shelly said...

What a wonderful Gotcha story, Puddy.....we are so happy you gotchaed your wonderful home.

Love to you and your 'rents.

Everycat said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mr Puddy, we remember your story from when this blog was Everyday Cat Visitor. We are so glad that you picked your parents!

Luff from Gerry & Oliver xx

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Such a lovely story. Mr. Puddy you and your parents were meant for each other.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Sometimes it takes longer fur da hoomans to figger it out...Happy Gotcha Day Puddy!

Team Tabby said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr. Puddy!!

We love your gotcha story, too. None of us came from a shelter either - we also found our way home.


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Puddy we are slow to get here but we wish you HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!!!
What a great story!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Mr Puddy, I loved and so did mommy too, your story. We know she said so yesterday but I came back to thank you for your love and purrs for me. Mommy came to see me today. xxoo

Luxington said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mr.Puddy! You and your pawents are meant to be!

Nikita Cat said...

Gappy Dotcha Hay! ;-D

Nikita & Elvira Mistress of Felinity

ABBY said...

Mr Puddy
We know we are one day late in wishing you a happy Gotcha Day but my Mommie had to be with her Mommie while she had some surgery to remove a cancerous tumor (they did everything OK). But Mom was wiped out yesterday when she got home and did not go online. She basically feed us and fall asleep. We were crying tears of joy for your wonderful Gotcha story. It was truly meant to be we are so touched. We are so glad you and your Mom purrsaveered!!!
We love you Mr Puddy.

Pandafur said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mr Puddy! Your story iz so sweet, Iz can tell your mama duz luvs you lots an you luvs your mom n daddy. You iz a vurry speshal kitteh an Iz prowd to be yer furrendz *pawhug*

looloo said...

Hello, Mr Puddy,

You are brightening up my life, I am so glad you found THIS family, and... don't worry about woofies, it is really possible to live together without fighting! (ask OUR cats!)

Eric and Flynn said...

We are sorry we are late Mr. Puddy. That is a beautiful Gotcha Day story. We hope your day was wonderful.

Tillie and Georgia said...

Happy Gotcha Day Mr Puddy!!!!!!!
We think that is a wonderful story and proves that you were meant to be with your present family!!!!!
WooHoo !!!!!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia

Cara n Crew said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Mr Puddy! To you and your mom and dad. We love your story - it's so cool how you each chose each other!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Puddy!!!! Ohhhhh myyyyyyyyy I am CRYING!!

This was the most beautiful adoption story I have EVER READ.

I feel better because in the U.S. it is still Sept 20 and I didn't miss your Gotcha day!! HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!

You know I totally believe in fate, what is meant to be will be, and the Celestine Prophecy (however you spell it lol)

you were destined in the stars to be with your mom and dad and you KNEW IT!

You were brought into this world to be with them, you bring them so much love and they give you the same. You brighten ALL OF OUR DAYS and we are sooooo happy that everything turned out the way that it did!

We wish you years and years and YEARS of happiness!!!


Love Always,
Caren & Cody

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Puddy, I am so sorry we are late saying Happy Gotcha Day ~ mom was out all day yesterday on a day trip so we couldn't blog. We love you tons and are so happy to be your friend.

Love milo and Alfie xx
and our mom xxx

OKcats said...

Gosh, Mr. Puddy, we're so very sorry we're late coming to see you for your Gotcha Day celebration. I, Fuzzy, LOVE your story, because it's very much like mine. My mom and I both have different days that we gotted each other, too, because it took her a while to realize that I belonged to her. So the day that she formally gotted me is the best day in the world! We think you were very wise when you picked your family - it's so obvious that your Mom and Dad both love you SO MUCH. And you love them and bring much joy into their lives. We hope you have many, many more years of celebrations - we love you!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Fuzzy, Zoe and mom jana

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

We loved your story of how you adopted your mom and dad. It is their Gotcha Day! We are sorry we are late - we fired our blog secretary! You are one very special cat and your folks are lucky that you found them! Happy Belated Gotcha Day!

potty breaks said...

Thank you for your great work and… this Blog is a really pleasant surprise! Keep up the good work!

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GreatGranny said...

Sweet Mr. Puddy, we didn't know you and your 'rents when you and your Mommy and Daddy adopted each other.You made Mom's eyes leaky reading this.
xoxo Kassey

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