Saturday, August 7, 2010

Her Help

It's nice day today ( no rain ), we cut the grape wine branches ready for the next spring. My cat visitor been with us since last night ( She came back last night about 9 pm. to sleep over ...hee..he..he..)

And of course, she love to be outside in sunny day but the branches keep drop on the ground doesn't make she feel she can enjoy the backyard.

Now she look at some place where she can feel safe

She found some good spot away from pergola and watches my husband cut it for a while before she leave our place. After my husband finnish cutting. Then it's my turn to chop it up and throw back to the garden. It's a big job because it's a lots have to cut off. I keep doing it till the last pile. And then she come back, now no panic but interested what I am doing.

I keep cutting and throw back to the garden. Then she designed to help me : )

I cut, She bite...we are a team !

" I can't do it "

" But I can do something else with all messy branches.... HIDING !!! : ) "

" you have to stop and play with me ! "

" Now, where am I ? "


The Chair Speaks said...

It is good that now she is spending more time with you. :)

Jacqueline said...

Great, adorable photos!...Puddy is a gorgeous, fun baby!...We're so glad she stayed with you guys overnight and during your outdoor project=it's obvious she missed you both too and loves you guys very much!...Happy weekend friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Anzu said...

It must be very fan time of her helping you with gardening in sunny winter day.
Of course you and me too♪
┌| o^▽^o|┘ )) ヘ(^・ェ・^ヘ)

Sara Katt said...

Glad to see that Puddy came back! Thanks for stopping by and visiting Anna-Lisa on my blog for Fluffy Friday. You are First Commenter on that post!

Sara Cat

Tammy said...

Beautiful kitty and looks like she's a big help also.

Fin said...

I'm finding your blog just charming. Purrs to Puddy

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