I'm a big fan of Wendy' s LOL Spot. She has a brilliant sense of humor to make me laugh at all time. I'm so so proud to be a part of LOL CAT. All post here, I copied from her blog. Because I wanna to hiss myself sometime. Laugh is always good.

If you are interesting to be LOL CAT, you can visit her here : Wendy's LOL spot

Mr. Puddy has a distinctly TACtile nature,
especially when it comes to his Mommy's toes.

Mr. Puddy's making a public service poster to entice people to visit Australia.  Do you think it will work?

Those toes have a will of their own -- they're actually levitating!

And here, Mr. Puddy rePURRises Robert deNiro's role in "Taxi Driver".  Mr. Puddy's putting his own PURRsonal spin on it, of course!

You're not going to CLAW you way into anyone's heart that way, Mr. Puddy!  Even if you do speak French.

I think you were descended from monkeys -- just like Bella!

I think Mr. Puddy's just found another way to be naughty!

on't believe her, Mr. Puddy -- she just doesn't want you to step on her!

It's a 'No-Go' for Mr. Puddy!
(Ready, Set, Go -- Not!)

Mr. Puddy has real CATitude.  You better call him 'Mister'!

You can't keep a good cat down!

And talking about drama ... 
You are indeed a character, Mr. Puddy!  I think the only way someone could assassinate your character, though, would be if they called you "dull"!  And we all know that's not true.

He's also quite overly dramatic when he wants to make a point!

I hope you're not too bummed out, but here's the requisite fart joke.  Now you are a true LOL-Cat,
 Mr. Puddy! 

Mr. Puddy has his own kind of logic.  But then, he doesn't think there's anywhere he shouldn't be.

He's also quite overly dramatic when he wants to make a point!

Sure beats having a guard dog.  SWORD of!

Mr. Puddy tends to be a bit too literal sometimes.

It's like something out of a "Carry On" comedy!

No ankle is spared when Mr. Puddy's around!

Didn't I say he had 'chops'?

And now that you're a LOL-Cat, they'll be after you even more, Mr. Puddy!  You better get used to being famous.

Yes, yes -- you're an angel!  If you don't do any wrong, then everything you do must be right -- right?

Here, we are making a sly reference to Beyonce's hit song titled "Single Ladies". 
 Mr. Puddy's not too shy to put a ring on it.

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