Get to know my neighbourhood kitties !

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On my street, we have so many cats but I just shows you only whom I know well. Most of them are my main intruders and other two is my brother and sister who live with my ex-owner.

Now, Let's get to know them a little bit more.

1. Mr. Howl the white cat,

Me and my mom call him Mr. Howl because he always howls when he see me. We are not quite sure where he live but we guess he live next to me 2 or 3 house on the left hand side of my house because most of mancats around my area do not walk much more than 5 houses along the street and he always turn up in my backyard on the left. He never walk farther than my house. This guy can do free roam whole day, whole night.

Note : Year 2015 - Me don't see Mr. Howl @ all ! Me thinks he probably moved or deal to old age.

2. Mr. Smudge

I think you guys know Mr. Smudge well. He is like my twin bro. ! He just live next to me on the right of my house. My dad believe my backyard used to be Smudge's territorial because I just move in to this street in 2010 but my backyard has been here since 1940. And Smudge live with his owner since he was a kitten. Now he is about 4 or 5 years old. He is the biggest cat on my street. He general visits 5 houses on my street. Start from my ex-owner's one till the house next to mine. And he has a cat door and he allowed to do free to roam as well.

3. Mr. Ginger

Me and my mom didn't see him much in now a day. But he is still around but he is an old dude and live with the old human lady. This guy love to across the street.

Note : Year 2015 - Me don't see Mr. Ginger @ all ! Me thinks he probably moved or deal to old age.

4. My brother and my sister live with my ex-owner.

( My brother  )

( My Sister )

Just my brother ( Tabby ) visits me. My sister ( tuxedo short hair cat ) never get out of  her property even they have a cat door and both of them are free to go everywhere and any times. But they both are good kitties. We never seen them roam at night. And my brother just visits two houses, my house and the Orange Cat's house ( He didn't dare with Smudge because Smudge is bigger than him ). 

I sometime, still go back to visit my ex-house and have a nap there.

5. Mr. Grey

First, we think he is she. Mr. Grey is a kind of cute kitty lady cat. Now... we think he is da boy because he tried to claim my front yard since 2014. My pawrensts have never seen we get into the fight so paw crossed we have never did in kitty life =^x^=

Why they love to visit my back yard ?

Because my backyard got
1. A huge water bowl and the fountain, plenty of water for cats and birdies.
2. Food bowl which mom left for me before she go to work ( Mom don't do it anymore because it cause lots of fight for me )
3. Many trees, Bushes and grass to hide and lie down.
4. CatNip
5. Opened Garage for nap

Note : All information is from my human and human neighbours
Update : November 2015


Bengal Business said...

Wow we are so jealous!!

Cindy Adkins said...

This so interesting, Mr.Puddy. Very good to know your life. We didn't know your brother and sister live down the street from you. Nice street you live on with so many kitty neighbors.
Buster, Rudy, Sam (and Mom Cindy)

Mariodacat said...

Wow Puddy, it's so nice to meet all the neighbors. Your new blog look is great too.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Puddy!

You have a wonderful neighborhood! I am so happy you can visit family and friends everyday and host fun times together in your lovely back yard! But if you ever want to visit the US, come on over! I would love to Bed and Breakfast you here... I would make you fresh salmon steak!
Thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us.
Lily, WA, USA

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