Sunday, September 26, 2010

We need some help from you

" Like you guy knew...I'm a rescued cat. My mom and me want to do something about support people to adopt the rescued cat. Instead of buying a cat or kitten from a breeder or from a pet store, they might be consider rescuing a cat from a shelter first. Because we all are fabulous and we made a great home. And more important, Human can give them a second chance because they are nothing wrong with rescued pets.

She made every things easy for them by getting all shelter website and related website in one place. She made a special page call " We Support Rescued Breed " It's under the name of this blog so people don't need to do search,  just click the button.

And she is willing to link to all cat blogs who owns the rescued cat to show all human The Rescued Cats made great home. Not all of us are aggressive cat and Not all of us is a kitten but it has so many good reasons to adopted Rescued Breed. It will proof by all cat blogs who owns the rescued cat.

My mom need your help. If you owns " Rescued Breed " and have a cat blog. And you want to join us please give mom your blog name and web address in Comments. She will link back to you.

One more thing, Mom made a badge " We Support Rescued Breed "  If you like it on your blog please feel free to grab the code on the side bar.

Thanks to you all
Puddy and Boom


Kay L. Davies said...

Puddy and Boom --
What a cute, colorful cat badge. I love it, and I have copied it. Thank you.
We have a rescued dog. She is the sweetest, loveliest dog in the world, and we love her SO much. We totally support the idea of adopting rescue cats and dogs instead of buying expensive dogs from stores or breeders.

Alberta, Canada

Katnip Lounge said...

We love your badge, and we are going to display it with pride! All of us kitties are either rescues from the our vet; or dumped kitties that were lucky enough to show up at our Mommy's door. We think that adopting from shelters, and spay & neuter is the ONLY way to go.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Our little Shadow used to be a nomad till she decided to stay with us! Like your Puddy, we thought she was a "he" till we saw the vet! Shadow just wandered in and stayed for longer and longer! Now she has her own room and bed! She's totally adored! And we feel honoured that she chose us!

magiceye said...

Hey Puddy even I was picked up from the street when I was 2months old! And have enjoyed myself with my human for the past 7 years! Look forward to many more! Love your initiative! Will display the support badge on my blog too!

Woof woof
from Bozo
Pet Pride

EG CameraGirl said...


How clever of you to find a place where someone loves you!

Jan said...

Thanks for joining in today. We've rescued 9 of our 10 dogs. It's a wonderful cause.

marina said...

I also am going to post your beautiful badge!
you are very handsome!

Teddy Westlife said...

Well, as you know I am a rescued cat and I'm very happy to be listed on your page.

The Chair Speaks said...

Hey Puddy, just like you, all of us here are rescued cats. Purrs!
And we will be happy to be linked. :)
Love the badge and will be pasted in our blog.

Barbara said...

I just added the badge to my blog!

My boyfriend and I have two cats who were strays just wandering around and adopted us! We also have two other cats who were born to the one because she was pregnant when we decided to keep her. We couldn't find homes for all of them, so we kept the remaining two. Lots of rescued kitties!

Cory said...

Thank you for putting our link on your bloggie! We are all rescued! All 9 of us kitties and both of our woofies! We will purr until every homeless kitty and woofie has a home.

Christina, Sweden said...

a lovely cat and a good cause! we have lots of shelters like that in Sweden to

Kea said...

Yes, we're all rescued cats--our mom wouldn't consider anything else but adoption or rescue. But we're not any breed; does that matter?

If it doesn't matter, then certainly we'd like to link in.

Do you need the shelters? Angel Chumley and Annie were adopted from the Kingston Humane Society back in 2001, Nicki was adopted from the Gananoque and District Humane Society in April 2007, and Derry was adopted from Gan. in December 2007.

BTW, we really like your badge and would like to add it to our site, will take the code with thanks.

Jan n Jer said...

What a wonderful cause, so many animals out there to be rescued. Good luck to Puddy...A for effort!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful badge, it is a great cause. There are so many animals out there that need a good home. We plan on getting a rescue for our next pet.

Lynn said...

Mr. Puddy, you are too, too handsome for words, and your mission is quite noble. I have a black and white rescued dog named Maggie. However, I doubt you want to meet her. She dislikes cats which prevents me from joining in your mission. Prior to Maggie, though, I had a rescued, black cat named Maxine. She lived 19 years. We have many fond memories of Maxine.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Puddy! We love the badge and have put it on our blog!

We have two rescues and one of them is a cat! her name is Tiger Lily, the other rescue is our loved dog Yukon!

We'd love to be on your page, you are already on ours!

Photos of all Fids - Come and join the fun!

Ms. Diva said...

What a beautiful cat!!! All of the animals at Chez Max are rescues (well except Peanut - cause she was born here!!) Totally putting your beautiful badge on my blog!!!

Boom Nisanart said...

Thank you very much for great comments and great story of your pets : )

For Blog who owns the rescued breed , my mom will link you to the page asap.

Vicki said...

Hey - I am a Rescue Cat!!! I was 18 months old when I was found in Parramatta Pound by a workmate of Vickis. I didn't like living in her apartment so Vicki and Paul rescued me from there. I have spent 11 happy years in my rescue home.....

Kay L. Davies said...

Hi Puddy and Boom --
We have a rescued dog, so I am very happy have your badge on my blog to encourage people to adopt a rescued animal.
Nice to hear from you on my blog, Poom. Give Mr. Puddy a hug from me, and a friendly "woof" from Lindy.

Alberta, Canada

Brian's Home Blog said...

I love your blog! Thanks for hopping by my way today, I love new friends, especially rescue kitty ones!

SuziQCat said...

What a wonderful idea...a new 'breed' of cat! I have three rescued breeds and would love to be a part of this movement. I am going to put the badge on my sidebar.

Four Crazy Cats

Cat said...

Hi Puddy, I just found your blog and I love your rescue cat badge! All my kitties are rescues so I have added it to my sidebar :-)
Toronto, Canada

Nikita Cat said...

Hey Mr. Puddy!

I should have done this months ago!

I've just added the Badge to my Rescues & Shelters section of links in my sidebar.

Your post provides some of the only international links I have, as my list is closer to home. ;-D

Nikita Cat
Santa Ana, Ca. USA

Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat

Anonymous said...

LAPCATS would LOVE to share your banner and be listed on your page. We rehome shelter cats from the Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation. We've placed 850 cats (and several dogs) in loving forever homes so far and are shooting for 1000 placed by the end of the year. Thanks for all you do! Oh, our blog is and our website is

Angelina H said...

Hi Mr. Puddy,
I just added your awesome badge to my blog! I adopted my cats from a cat rescue 4 years ago and I am so glad you are trying to get the word out! :)

Kwee Cats said...

Mr. Puddy, its just exactly like we said before, you are our HERO! All 7 of us are rescued by our Mumsy. Well, 4, but Pungy who was number 4 was pregnant with numbers 5, 6 and 7. Our Mumsy kept Pungy and all hers babies so we'd all bees rescued and not "put down" like has happens around here and makes our Mumsy cry. She also tends to any stray what comes around by gives them food, water, and a covered place to stay outside on the patio for as long as they wish to stay. She wishes she could do more for them, but she has her hands fulls with us 7.

We are the Kwee Cats, our very own blogginer our Mumsy made for us is at

We gonna put your pretty colors rescue cat logo picture up on our site. You Mumsy please let us know what elses our Mumsy needs to do, okay? Cos we sure like getting this word out!

Thank you Mr. Puddy. Piewackits wants me to tells you she still thinks you sooooo handsome. I try tellin hers this is business! But, you know girls.

Has a nice day, Mr. Puddy.
From Sneaky Pie, a Kwee Cat

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for having the badge to let people know about rescue cats. I am Luna and I was rescued by my Human Mum when I was a stray kitten and very sick. I didn't come from a shelter, but I came off the streets where if my Julia Mum didn't save me, I wouldn't have survived. I guess I am considered a rescue cat, and I do have a blog! It's called Luna Kitty, at

Thank you again Mr. Puddy mancat!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS! I'm a former Vet. Tech. and have been doing (mostly) kitten & cat rescue for over 30 years. Please visit my blog and read about Grizelda & Chloe. I rescued their litter at 2 days of age; they will be 1 year old next week. There are many...
McGuffy's Reader

Anonymous said...

I came over from Fuzzy Tales and am a new follower here. I hope you will join me, too! I would love to post your Rescued Breed logo on my blog!
McGuffy's Reader

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

We love the Badge! Would love to put it on our blog, as we are all rescue kitty cats from either being tossed out or found wandering.
We will copy your cute badge and display it!
~ The Bunch

Unknown said...

Mr Puddy. Satchmo is not suwe he's doing the wight thing when posting.

Unknown said...

Anyway, I'm Satchmo and I am a wescued kitten.

This is the stowy of my wescue:


Furries said...

All of us kitties at the Indulged Furries home are rescues. We're of no particular breed, but mom says we're purrfect - even Sammi, who had only three legs! We took ownership of Bentley our Golden Retriever just before his family was going to surrender him to a rescue. And even some of our hamsters were rescues. We blog at Indulged Furries Indulged Furries.

lindsschou said...

All 4 of my kitties are rescues, one had a home but was unwanted, 2 from the local ospca and one right off the streets

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