Monday, August 1, 2011


Woo Hoo !!! Another award for me ! from My New friend Miss Willow 
A charming tortie girl. To get to know her, visit her blog here Devoted to Willow

And Miss Willow, I'm so sorry to post this so so late !

And I just got this Awards from Curlz and Swirlz, Life with Cornish Rex Cats ( Coco, Disco, Sammy and Brighton ) as well 
Plus, I went to grab this award from Lux the cat , because I would like to introduce him to you all. He is cute boy and he is a new friend.

Now let's do it !

Rule of this awards

Tell Seven unknown facts
about me and passed on to 15 bloggers.

1. Now I turned to be a Lap Cat ! Daddy keeps inviting me to his lap and "If I say " No " He will grab me anyway. So I'm instantly be a Lap Cat now !

2. Since I had a flea bath, I don't need to do Hard Core Diet any more. But Mom keep an eyes on my weight.

3. I love the smell of human peppermint toothpaste. I do kiss my pawrents on their lip if they let me check their breath after they brushed their teeth.

4. You always heard I love to play biting with my mommy. But she never told you ( which made me look bad ) I can do " Fang Brakes " ! My fang never go through her skin. No Blood when we play !

5. No more food bowl leave outdoor for me, when my pawrents go to work. Bad thing, I'm starving in the afternoon if I didn't eat lots of breakfast. But good thing, No more fighting with my neighbour's cats. ( before this, almost everyday )

6. You all know I can do " Toot ", But You know ? I can do 2 versions : Silence but deadly One and The Sound One ( Really rare but I used to do once on my mom arms  ; )

7. I used to lazy to clean my poop bum, because I know mom will help me clean it with damp cloth anyway. But my dad was sick of me. Because he always have to touch my poop when he scoop me up so he taught me a hard lesson. He spread my hinged legs and hold them tight and asked mom to cut the poop fur. Since then I made sure my butt is cleaned !

Now it's the time for me to pass on this Awards for 15 blogs.

1. Kewl Kitty Krew ( AKA The Kool~Kittie~Krew ) They are my old friends since I was a cat visitor since my pawrents thought I was a girl. Their original account The Kool~Kittie~Krew just disappear ! ( Blogger, Gmail, and Picassa ) They have to start all over again. I want them to have this awards and I want all of you to know this is their new blog because I love them.

2. Charlie ( Ten Lives and Second Chances ), I know so little about him even we has been friends for so long. I would love to know more about Charlie.

3. Kenggy ( The Chair Speaks ) I think he is a funny cat, I would love to know Unknown Fact about him

4. Oliver and Gerry ( Every Cat ) Since the sad news about Dear Whicky. I would love to know how Oliver and Gerry are. They didn't do much blogging so I hope this trick will make them blog again.

5. Max ( Max The Quilt ), In some way, I think Max try to do hiding from us by letting the youngsters do blogging. I think it's the time for him to show up : )

6. Raymond and Busby, I think they don't know I love them. I passed this awards just to let them know. I do love them : )

7. Dante ( All about Lacocoon Dante ), I just want to know his secret ..heh..heh..heh

8. Danielle ( The life of a spoiled cat ), Miss Danielle don't blog much too, This is the force from me ; )

9. Rumbles and Hamlet, I know. I know the RumbleMum is on holiday right now, But this is a home work ( Punnishment ) for her to leave my friends for two weeks !!!!

10. Poppy Q., Poppy is a good girl. It would be nice if I can learn more about her. I wish her mom got a time to do this I know she is very busy.

11.  Kwee Cats  My lovely new friend who I would love to introduce

12.  Prancer Pie My lovely new friend who I would love to introduce

13.  Diamond is an Aussie Cat too. Beautiful Russian Blue cat of 14 years

14. Austin ( Catacresis ) Believe it or not ? He been blogged since 2008 but I just knew him this year, so I guess this is my cheating way to get to know him..heh..heh..heh

15. All Grrls in Cat Lady Land, Since we been nominee in the same category " Funniest Blog " for The Petties Award, We had to pretend to be the enemy but we are Not ! I even voted for her some times because They are Hot and Funny. And I love them and their mom : )

16.  OOPS, They told me , I only chose just 15 blogs. I always do cheating Friends, Feel free to grab this Awards, Who care about the rules, We cats we rule The world..Ha !

Have a Great Day Everyone !



Katnip Lounge said...

Puddy, you must teach Johnny the Fang Brake! He pierces Mommy all the time.
Hurrah for no more DIET!!!! You really are a lean, mean, birdy killing machine under all that floof.
Enjoy your Dad's lap, and remember to poot out of your clean pants if you want to leave!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Fang Brake!! HA! I thinks that is cool! I sometimes bite my mom's fingers! Very carefully!

Stacy Hurt said...

You know, That Woman gets us so riled up when she plays 'hand under the quilt' we gets to bitey really hard but we know 'fang brake' too, if somehow her hand slips from under the quilt as soon as we taste the skin we stop right away. *But she laffs really loud at the look on our faces! It's like we are all embarrassed! MOL!

We love Mr. Puddy!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Hi Mr Puddy !!!
Great to know some moore stuff about you :)
Me too do the Fang Brake when I play with mom.
Night Night Sleep tight !!!

Bryan said...

Yeah no diet!! Sorry to hear about the food bowl, guess it is for the best if it stops fighting. You are so good, no blood, even if you are a bit mischievous. MOL

The Florida Furkids said...

Mom says we need to get fang brakes!! Thanks for telling us some cool things about you.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

No more diet is good Mr Puddy. I like to sniff my mum's breath too, but not for toothpaste. I like to know what she has been eating.

Old Kitty said...

Mr Puddy!! You have a deadly silent toot! Yay!! LOL!! That's the best fact ever!! LOL!!! Awww Mr Puddy!! Huge congratulations with your beautiful award and thank you so much for nominating Charlie!! Yay!!! Thank you!

Awwww these pics of you are just adorable!! Take care

CATachresis said...

Awww Mr P! I just popped by to say hi and bye and I gone all warm fuzzy like. Thanks for the award, buddy. Just going down for long nap time now, so will swing by tomorrow to pick up >^,,^<

Julia Williams said...

MOL at #7!!! My cat Belle has floofy pantaloons, and she's always getting dingleberries stuck back there.


We are glad you do not have to diet anymore Mr Puddy. Guess what? I do the fang brake too. I have never bitten through Mom's skin, but she calls me the "nipper" because I will nip (hard) and it can hurt. I really pinch...and I pinch my brothers and sisters too if they get too close.

Annie Bear said...

It was fun to read these things about you, Mr. Puddy. Congrats on your award! I agree that your blog is sweet. I love these pictures of you!

Sparkle said...

We kitties here never break my human's skin with our fangs - just our claws! I really enjoyed reading all your facts, Mr. Puddy - and seeing all the cool cats you picked! Many of them are my friends too!

m.q said... got a lot of awards Mr Puddy. you sure a famous mancat on the block!!!

BoBo Salem & the gang

Raymond and Busby said...

Mr P, Thanks for the award! (we always did know you love us!) We will tell you one thing no one knows about us...okay, maybe everyone knows...we STINK at these award things. Mom is very lazy and doesn't abide by the rules and it's a mess. But we will try to post our award this week because frankly we don't have much new stuff to talk about! xoxo

Marilia said...

Hi Puddy!
This picture is amazing and wonderful!!!!
You´re a pretty, very expressive and gourgeous cat. I love you!
Thanks for the sweet words in our blog today.

Chloe and Cecil said...

Mr. Puddy,

Fiwst, fang bwakes...gweat idea.
Next, wees so glwad youse have da clwean butt.....pewsonal hygiene is vewy impowtant!

meowmeowmans said...

Concatulations on your awards, Mr. Puddy! And thank you for sharing those things about yourself, because we love learning about you. :)

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Thanks fur the award, Mr. Puddy. You always brighten our day! Purrs. xoxo

Jans Funny Farm said...

We forgot to bookmark the Kewl Kitty Krew's blog so we're glad you posted the link. This time we bookmarked it.

Congrats on your award.

GLOGIRLY said...

I loved reading about you, Puddy! Especially the tooting. Would you believe that I get blamed for ALL of Gloman's toots? Humans. Whattaya gonna do?

Mariodacat said...

he he - Tried to leave a comment last night, but Blogger was having a breakdown I guess. Anyway, I learned a couple of new things about you - like the poopies hanging on your rear end. We started lauging so hard (sorry - at your expense too). Guess that's the price you pay when you has all dat gorgeous long furs! Guess if I had M wiping my butt, I'd start washing it myself too. You are just so cute Puddy. It was a pleasure to vote for you cuz you do have the bestest bloggy.

Mariodacat said...

he he - Tried to leave a comment last night, but Blogger was having a breakdown I guess. Anyway, I learned a couple of new things about you - like the poopies hanging on your rear end. We started lauging so hard (sorry - at your expense too). Guess that's the price you pay when you has all dat gorgeous long furs! Guess if I had M wiping my butt, I'd start washing it myself too. You are just so cute Puddy. It was a pleasure to vote for you cuz you do have the bestest bloggy.

Mariodacat said...

Oh geesh - now I see I left the same one twice. (Banging head against the wall!)

Mr Puddy said...

MOL, Mario..Now I guess The Blogger try to make it up fro you..Ha..Ha..Ha !

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Mr Puddy,
You're so adorable. More adorable than my own son Michael. Sorry I can't help laughing at the butt-toot facts. You're pawesome, mate! purrr *giggles*

Willow said...

No worries Mr. Puddy time passes differently for us so it is okay to proCATscrinate. Love the facts about you especially that there no more Hard core D-word as a floofy girl I do not like that word either.

Gigi said...

Puddy, This was simply FASCINATING! I guess you better eat LOTS of breakfast now since you can't nibble during the day. Hey--I bet that's some sneaky diet thing!!

I too have Fang Brakes. I bite the Human but I've learned it is best for both of us if no blood is involved, MOL!

Ellen Whyte said...

Bare-ass cat, huh? MOL! No more fart filter!

Princess Jasmine said...

We love learning even more things about you Mr Puddy. We like toothpaste kisses too, but I think mummies Chocolate ones are even more nicer :)xx

Whisppy said...

What fun answers! Whisky gets a butt shave too since her fur is so long. But Mummy makes sure it doesn't look like a baboon backside!

Sasha said...

thanks for the awardie Puddy. I have put it on my blog. I may have sent it to some of the same cats, but twice awarded won't hurt. Your fifteen answers were interesting. Well done!!!

Forever Foster said...

What gorgeous pictures of you, Puddy! Lishy did a noisy toot the other day when dad picked him up! It was the first time any of us have ever done a noisy one.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Fang brake! Good thing to know Puddy, I did worry a bit about that. Really. I loved reading all these thinhs about you. Sometimes I need to have a "poop chute" cut too because I also have long pantaloons and have little mistakes hanging off them.

HH and The Boys said...

Puddy.... thank you so much for passing the award to me.... I'm excited... That pie on the award will look great on my blog.

I love hearing more about you on your blog today.

Thanks so much.... I will post about it soon.

pawhugs, Max

Marg said...

Congrats Puddy on that award. We loved hearing more about you especially the lap part. Glad you are sitting in Dad's lap now. What a great list of people to receive the award. Well done. Take care.

The Monkeys said...

Congratulations on your award, Mr. Puddy! We think you're super cool and extra handsome!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We read all your replies on that award Mr Puddy and we liked the silent poot one best of all.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Brian said...

Congrats Mr. Puddy, and your answers were just totally purrfect...especially the Fang Brake!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Puddy, if yoo don't hafta diet since yoor flea bath, does that mean that it was the fleas hoo weighed heavy ~ and yoo were NOT overweight at all? MOL!
We LOVE yoor answers to ALL the questions! Smoochies.

Mickey's Musings said...

Congrats on your award !!!
We loved to read about you.
No blood when playing is always a good thing ;) Not always easy when playing and the claw pops out by mistake :/ oops
Purrs Tillie and Georgia

Kwee Cats said...

Congratulations, Mr. Puddy!!! And thank you for sharing it with us!!! We so excited! We just almost don't know what to do!

It was our Mumsy that got irritated with Oliver not cleaning all the poo from his fuzzy tail. So she cut it all off like that too. Since then, he's done a lot better, yup. And we so glad you not doing the horrible starvation diet! We gonna have some of them hire handsome humans bring a box of yum-yum nom-homs like what we had at Pungy's party, right through this message and straight over to you!

(((Hugs))) Big-Biggie (((Hugs))) Mr. Puddy! You always our hero!
Thank you, Mr. Puddy!

LP said...

Congrats on your award Puddy! We love to learn new things about you :) You are sensitive boy to brake your fangs when you want to your Mama who is in charge! And your slaves are excellent and very well trained to clean up after your poopy pants so efficiently. It's so hard to get good servants these days....

the critters in The Cottage

My Mind's Eye said...

Mr Puddy congrats on the well deserved awards...we thoroughly enjoyed learing all about your good and bad habits.
Hugs Madi

The Chair Speaks said...

Congrats Puddy on the award and thank you very much on giving the award to us. We are all purring; Kenggy is hopping happily! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL at number 6! And I as a kitty have also mastered the Fang Brake! :D
-Luna Kitty

CCL Wendy said...

Wow, you really get down and 'dirty' with your secrets, Mr. Puddy! With the tooting and the poop bum -- LOL!

Thanks for inviting Dante to participate. I'll have to see what he is willing to reveal.

KnottedFingers said...

Hi Mr Puddy!!!! It's nice to meet you! We found your blog from the cat blogosphere and we like what we see and will be following you now :D

Mommy M and The Garrison

Luxington said...

Mr. Puddy, we really enjoyed learning more about you! Can you please teach Lux to clean his poo butt?!?

And thank you SO much for mentioning us! You've helped us to make so many new friends :-)

Cara n Crew said...

Concats, Mr Puddy! We loved reading these 7 things about you - it's always fun to learn more about our friends! You are so good to be a lap cat for your daddy and use the 'fang brake" for you mom :) We guess that makes up for #6 on your list ;-/

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

congratulations on your awards Puddy!! They are sooo well deserved!!!

I loved how you became a "lap cat" by your Dad just grabbing you and putting you on his lap! MOL!


one of Fae's humans said...

belated congrats on your award, Puddy. :) lap caps are THE awesome, so i'm glad you became one. ;) and i'll have to remember that trick for getting a cat to clean his butt! ;))

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